Check Out the Luxurious and Spacious Tiny House For Under $40,000

If there’s one trend that’s surprised us in the small living movement, it’s the steady rise in prices, to the point that luxury models fetching around US$100,000 are pretty much the norm. Luckily, there are still affordable options out there available for under $40,000.

With tiny houses growing in size lately and models exceeding 300 sq ft (27.8 sq m) of floor space, Escape’s latest tiny house, the Vista Boho, bucks the trend to offer a small and relatively inexpensive towable home that retains the same great craftsmanship and generous glazing boasted by its predecessor, the Vista.

The Vista Boho gives you the main floor bedroom, flip up dining/work table, a couch that folds flat for extra sleeping space, a tall closet, kitchen, and bathroom. There are lots of options and customizations available, too. It’s 21’6″ in length, 8’6″ wide, and 10′ tall.

The idea behind the Vista Boho is to offer the basic styling and features of the Vista in a smaller package. It blurs the line between tiny house and camping trailer, which is already a pretty fine line.

While people certainly can and do live in spaces smaller than the Vista Boho full-time, Escape envisions it as better suited to weekend getaways and vacations or it could perhaps serve as a second home.

The interior is laid out on one level and split into three areas. The bathroom features a full-size shower, sink, and toilet, while the combined dining and kitchen area includes storage space, a fold-down butcher block table, and a sink, fridge, and hob.

The bedroom with daybed boasts very impressive glazing for such a small dwelling, and an optional pop-up tv is revealed at the push of a button.

The Vista Boho’s exterior sports cedar siding and trim with protective steel panels. The interior is finished in pine tongue and groove, with pine trim and laminate flooring. Insulation is rated an average R-value of R22 for the walls, R30 for the floor, and R40 for the ceiling. A baseboard heater is included and air-conditioning is an option, too.

As with Escape’s other models, there’s a full off-grid package available which allows the Vista Boho to cut the cord, including solar power, on-board fresh water tank, and composting toilet.

source: doyouremember