Beautiful Vietnamese Girl Who Adopted a Baby with Cerebral Palsy Was Accused of Attention-Seeking

They say kindness has nothing to do with physical appearance or age. And this holds true for one woman who was previously noted for her looks.

26-year-old Pham Thanh Tam from Vietnam used to receive attention on social media because of her beauty and youthful persona. However, people turned their backs on her after a major decision she made a couple of years back.

In 2016 during a charity event, Pham Thanh Tam grew close to a 14-month-old Thi Thuy Thi Nhi who has cerebral palsy and severe malnutrition, weighing only 3.5 kg at the time. According to reports, it was love at first sight which led to Pham Thanh Tam deciding to adopt the baby girl immediately.

The local media covered the whole adoption story. However, not everyone was pleased with Pham’s decision. A lot of her followers were suspicious of her real motive and left her some nasty comments on her social media pages. To them, adopting a disabled child was all an act – a publicity stunt to become all the more famous.

In spite of the criticisms in regards to the adoption, Pham Thanh Tam kept her calm and never once did she retaliate against her bashers. She ignored all of them instead and devoted her energy and time to be a good mother to her newly-adopted child.

The two were inseparable from the moment Thi Thuy Thi Nhi arrived at her new home. The adoptive mother was also very conscious of her baby’s health condition that she brought her to the top hospitals for treatment and gave her the best medical attention.

After two years of being together, the proud mom shows off her now a three-year-old toddler who grew into a much healthier kid. Although her daughter seems to be doing a whole lot better now, Pham Thanh Tam is still wanting to give her the best medical care she needs. Moreover, the beautiful mother also announced recently that she is expecting another child and is now seven months pregnant. Reportedly, she is due next spring.

The negative opinions of other people may have not completely stopped but it does not bother Pham Thanh Tam anymore. She would like to focus her attention on what’s only important: her family. Indeed, she is a beauty worth looking up to.