3 Years After Car Crash Left Bride-To-Be Paralyzed, She Walked Down the Aisle at Her Own Wedding

Three years ago, Ally from Carrollton, Georgia spotted a hay truck barreling towards her while driving her puppy to the vet.

Photo credits: Ally Grizzard | Facebook

With only moments to react, Ally quickly swerved out of the truck’s path, but she lost control and her car continued to flip. She was thrown 50 feet in the wreck and hit the ground directly on her back.

“I just remember flipping end over end, and I flipped for about 75 yards,” Grizzard said. “I tried to get up, but I couldn’t move. I couldn’t feel. I couldn’t do anything.”

Ally was airlifted to a local hospital where doctors discovered she was bleeding internally and her spine was shattered and severed.

Because her injury had occurred along the T12 section of the spine, she was paralyzed from the waist down. The following weeks and months were filled with physical therapy sessions that focused on teaching her how to use a wheelchair and utilize her upper body. She gained independence, little by little, with persistence and hard work.

Ally and her long-time boyfriend Amos had only been dating six months when the accident happened, but through it all, he has remained her “rock”.

When Amos proposed, she knew there was one thing she wanted more than anything: she wanted to walk down the aisle. Ally held on to that dream.

She began training with leg braces so she could walk in her wedding. With determination and will, she made it a reality.

On October 6, the couple officially tied the knot. Ally who typically uses a wheelchair took steps while being assisted by her father and stepfather.

She said that the rest of her wedding was an absolute dream after the toughest part was over, and she hopes her journey will be a reminder to other young women that paralysis doesn’t mean the end of an independent life.

“Even on the bad days to keep going, you can still have a normal life, you can still get married, you can still have kids and do everything you used to do, just do it in a different way,” Grizzard said.

source: westernjournal