Meet Karen Reyes Boyfriend, The Vocalist of Filipino Band Silent Sanctuary

“We can everything that we never expected us to be when we’re inlove,” do you think this is true? Probably some will disagree but most of us can prove that somehow this can be right when we are inlove.

Our respective love story can be like those on fairytales or the other tragedy love story. It can be the worst that you can imagine but at the end of the day, love will always prevail and make us want to live every day with someone we choose to be with.

We’ll face a lot of people that might teach us lessons in life before meeting the “the one”. Sometimes we thought the person beside us now is our lifetime partner but here comes the differences in beliefs and lifestyles, or even age gap that may affect the relationship we have. It’s very tricky!

Focusing on the age gap, people who live from different generations might possibly have a struggle on dealing on each other because of innate norms they have. But some succeed and prove that it really depends on both on how to handle the situations to save a relationship.

Karen Reyes, a 22-year old young actress is the partner of the Silent Sanctuary’s vocalist, Sarkie, who is 14 years older. Their age gap is really far, but this doesn’t affect their love. Karen was also shocked when she knew Sarkie’s age describing it as “tito levels”.

“Actually nagulat din ako na, ‘Ay! Ganung taon ka na pala.’ Wala sa itsura niya nung nagkakilala kami. So, nagulat ako na ganun ka-tito levels na pala siya. Ganun lang ‘yung lokohan namin. Pero kasi mabait siya,” she shared.

She also added:

“I find it mas masaya, kasi hindi ka mamomoblema na petty things pag-aawayan ninyo. Parang it’s more of matured kayo pareho. Kasi parang ganun ako, ganun ako nakita ng tao na parang hindi ako bata mag-isip at magsalita. Kasi I’m 21 pero I’m talking like I’m 35 or something. Parang siguro nag-jibe kami dun sa maturity.”

According to Karen, she was really a big fan of Silent Sanctuary. Both Karen and Sarkie are from Makati, and they also have the same zodiac sign.

But she honestly confessed that on the first time they met, there was no crazy love spark between them.

Source: thedailynewsblog