World’s First Underground Luxury Hotel in an Abandoned Quarry Opens in China 

Travelers are often requesting the highest floor for the best views, but a new hotel in China offers the exact opposite. One of the world’s most impressive hotel room views will be underground.

The InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland (also known as the Deep Pit Hotel) finally opened its doors after a decade of construction inside a formerly abandoned quarry. It is unique for many reasons, but the most-eye popping is that 16 of the hotel’s 18 floors are technically underground.

The eye-popping, luxury hotel was built into the side of the abandoned Shenkeng Quarry in Songjiang, about 22 miles outside of Shanghai. It’s being hailed as a modern architectural wonder, plummeting 300 feet down to a pool of water at the bottom of the quarry.

The majestic waterfall, in addition to panoramic views of the cliffs, can be seen from the rounded balconies on the first 16 floors. The hotel houses classic 337 rooms which are equipped with 55-inch LCD TV, Bose audio player and sound system and a Dyson hair dryer.

The top floor is at ground level and features a rooftop covered in lush green flora and fauna, blending seamlessly into the surrounding area. It was built with eco-friendly design principles and generates its own power, heating, and lighting through the use of geothermal and solar energy.

The two lowest levels housing a restaurant and guest rooms are completely submerged underwater in a 33-foot-deep aquarium, taking the phrase “sleeping with the fishes” to a whole new level. A leisure complex with a swimming pool and water-based sports facilities is also located at the lowest level.

The hotel is part of a wave of ambitious architectural projects in China spurred by recent rapid economic growth. It was designed by the British design firm Atkins, the same company behind one of the world’s most luxurious hotels, Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, and engineered by Chinese companies.

Like the Burj Al Arab, the InterContinental reflects Atkins’ same vision and determination to push the limits of design. The chief engineer called it a “fight against gravity” which took more than 5000 architects, engineers, designers, and workers to build.

The hotel is located at Sheshan Mountain Range, just 30km from Hongqiao Airport and close to attractions like Sheshan National Park and Chenshan Botanic Gardens.

Those seeking an additional thrill can look to bungee jump and rock climb at the luxury resort. Since the hotel is a five-star luxury experience, room rates are unlikely to come cheap.

source: elitereaders