This Young Female Actress Starts Building Her Dream Home at the Age of 23

Success in any area of your life doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.

We were always taught by our parents that working hard is necessary to build our dream and reach for our goals in life.

Our primary reason as to why we work hard is to earn money and we use that money to be able to sustain the life we want. But a wise person should have money in their head, but not in their heart.

Most of the time, we wisely decide on saving it up for the future instead of spending it all at once. But there will be times that we need to treat yourself and get to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

The Kapuso star Maine Mendoza agrees with this and share how she was able to manage her hard-earned money after being considered to be one of the most successful young actresses in the industry today.

When it comes to managing her finance, the Kapuso actress’ sole advice is simple to accomplish: “Magtipid.” This is not an easy habit to develop, yet the most practical thing to do.

Maine revealed that she does not personally handle all her finances and she leaves it to her mom, Mary Ann. “Mom ko talaga because she’s an accountant, and I trust her with my money.”

She also believes that money should be enjoyed, “Pero siguro every once in a while, para hindi mag-burnout, treat yourself,” she added.

Today, Maine Mendoza is one of the brightest stars in the entertainment industry, she was given numerous high profile endorsement and movie projects. She sure is at the peak of her career as an actress, model, and host.

The actress’ career started as a simple ‘extra’ cast only. She was first known as Yaya Dub and her love team with Alden Richards made history in Philippine television. They are called AlDub loveteam and this phenomenon has brought so much blessings in her life, blessings that she would not be able to count.

The biggest of them all is the loyal and supportive fans expressing their love and always there to back her up and show their love through countless ways imaginable.

More good news to come as she had another goal, she achieved this year: building her very own dream home.

Maine Mendoza has been already on her way to owning a house that is a product of her hard work at a very young age of 23.

“Currently building siya ngayon,” The actress-model-host also confirmed that there are no details yet about her home because the construction has just started. “For now, wala pa kasi graba pa lang siya—graba. Graba pa lang siya, e.”

In a past interview early this year, the Kapuso star revealed what type of a house she wanted. Overall, she wants her dream house to be a two-story mansion with a view of the city.

“Lobby pa lang, pasabog na!” she exclaimed. “Modern po. May pool, merong movie room, merong garden.”

We are so excited to see how her soon-to-be home would turn out!