This Young Couple was Speechless After Doctor’s Showed them their Unique Ultrasound Result

While technology is still evolving in this world including science which we can now make babies without having physical contact, some couple seemed to have hit the jackpot in pregnancy.

Do you think it’s possible to have four babies inside your womb? Check out this story.

A young couple named Bethani and Timi Webb met and fell in love in Hythe, Alberta. Two years after their first meeting they decided to get married and shared their marriage vows last June 2015. After three months of being married, they were blessed to have a baby and excited to start their own family.

They are both aware of Bethani’s pregnancy, but when they visited the doctor for her checkup, they saw the results of the ultrasound scan, and one look at it left them completely speechless.

Bethani’s was carrying a quadruplet, four identical baby girl in her womb which is something we rarely see. The news came as a surprise for them since, in both of the couple’s family, there was no record of this ever happening to them, and so it was a shock to them and their relatives.

Bethani gave birth to four healthy babies namely Abigail, McKayla, Grace, and Emily via C-section last June 2016. Although it was a little bit difficult for Bethani’s pregnancy to bear four cutie babies, they were still blessed, happy and excited couple to have such a big family.

It is always a reason to celebrate whenever a woman starts carrying a child. The gift of a child is so beautiful and magical that we could only appreciate and be amazed as parents bring new life into this world.

What a lucky man Timi is, as he will witness this gift four times in his life. Just think of it, they would be able to save the expense and effort to bring four children at once!