This Young Boy Apologized To The Driver Because He Did Not Have Enough Money To Pay The Full Fare—What Happened Next Captured Everyone’s Heart

A very touching story of a young student has gone viral on the social media when a netizen saw this incident, a young student did not have no enough money to pay the fare for his ride to school.

The young boy sincerely apologized to the driver as he only had a coin for his fare. But, what happened next captured everyone’s heart.

This heartwarming story was posted by a Facebook user named Jonee Canada.

According to her, she was touched by the jeepney driver act who was kind to overlook the fact that the young student don’t have enough money for the fare and even gave him a free ride so that he could go to school safely.

Jonee Canada has been already inside the jeep when she saw the young boy approached the driver and apologized for not having enough money to pay for the ride.

The young boy said: “Brother, this is just my fare,” while he shows the driver a five-peso coin in his hand.

The driver then took a look at the money in his hand. “Oh is that all? Okay, go ahead and ride…,” the driver said to the boy.

After hearing that, the young student quickly rides the jeep.

The driver realized that the boy did not have enough money so he just let him took a free ride.

He decided not to take the young boy’s money and even gave him a small piece, “Toto, you can keep that five pesos to spend at school, study hard, okay.”

Also, “Don’t fight with your classmate,” the driver added.

Throughout the whole ride, the young student is so grateful to the driver and didn’t stop saying ‘thank you’ until he goes down the jeep.

This simple act of generosity captured the attention of the netizens and ended up praising the driver for his kindness and generosity.