This is How Sunshine Cruz Raises Her Daughters Alone

Raising your kids alone will drive you to work harder. Just like how Sunshine Cruz has perfected the art of being glamorous without emptying her wallet.

At the age of 41, she manages to maintain her youthfulness while being a loving mom to her three teenage daughters.

The Kapamilya actress said, “I only shop once in a while.” And she buys things wisely, avoiding the luxury items, “Pambili ko na lang ng needs para sa kids.“ I used to have Hermes Birkin and Kelly, but I don’t think it’s practical para sa isang single mom like me kaya I’ve disposed of them.”

The actress even decided to sell her bags, with each Hermes bag having a price tag of at least PHP100,000 and its resell value possibly going higher.

“Marami namang nagmamahal sa akin at nagreregalo ng bags, okey na ako dun.” She shared that buying luxurious garments and bags is excluded from her list of pampering means. For her “pamper time,” which means, “gym time…facials and treatments, or South Salon time for her.”

She makes sure that she is passing on her good spending habits to her kid.

In fact, all three of them are De La Salle Santiago Zobel’s honor students. The eldest, Angelina, is 16, Samantha is 14, and the youngest, Chesca, is 12.

She has trained her daughters to be disciplined and not to be “maluho,” she says.

“I always tell them to buy things we need and not what we want.”

Her daughter Sam greeted her on Instagram, with this sweet message on her birthday.

“You always work hard for our needs and even sometimes our wants, and for that, you are such a great mom.”

The proud mommy shared, “Pero kapag siyempre special occasions or matataas ang grades, palaging may reward ‘yan from me.”

Sunshine then added, “Sometimes, I could be a spoiler if they deserve it, but I could also be strict.”

She also believes that her way of raising her kids will help them grow as good persons. “They’ll grow up to be good people naman because I always talk to them. “Parang barkada, we’re like barkadas, and I think it’s working naman.”

Sunshine truly deserves an extra respect and care for raising her daughters to be beautiful and charming like her. The love and care she has for her kids are undeniably more than anything else. And to them, she is simply the “greatest mother anyone could ever have.”