This Man Left His Wife and Kids in the Philippines For A Foreigner

The most important thing in the world is family and love. Here in the Philippine, many Filipinos work as an (OFW) Overseas Filipino Worker, just to be able to support their families and to provide them with a comfortable life.

For the sake of their family, they are willing to do everything, even that means being far from their families and friends.

However, many OFWs also put relationships with their husband and wife to the tests as they venture to work overseas. Just like the story of this OFW guy who left his family for a foreigner woman.

But after everything he did, his wife decided to forgive him and set him free after finding out his affair.

On Facebook, Maica Tidoy shared a post that touches the heart of many netizens.

Maica and her husband, Michael, have two kids, both of which were still very young when her husband left. They’ve been together for seven years and her husband works as an OFW in China where he met the foreign woman he left his wife and kids for.

According to Maica’s statements, she was very hurt and broken because of what happened to her and Michael, but she feels no resentment towards her husband. In fact, instead of hating him and the other girl, she was able to forgive him fully and let him be happy. Her only wish is that her ex-husband will never forget about their two kids.

Many netizens admired her sense of independence and a strong personality. Not anyone can do what she did, unlike other wives that would really want to take revenge when their husband cheated on them.

Given that she was in deep pain and may still undergo those nights crying on her bed. We can only hope that time can heal her wounds and she can soon recover from this painful event in her life. Also, to their two children that may eventually suffer the loss and brokenness of their family.

But because of Maica’s good heart, we are assured that her children will always be in good hands and she will fill the emptiness and continue to love them unconditionally.

Source: readersportaltoday