This Desperate Husband is Still Willing to Accept OFW Wife Who has Kids with Two Foreigners While Abroad

Loneliness is among those factors that Overseas Filipino Workers or OFW had to face when they chose to leave their families to work abroad. Their main reason was to earn much more and to put their families in a more a better situation.

But some of them when being separated from their spouses could not bear their loneliness and longings and lead into committing adultery which produces broken marriages and broken families.


Just like the heartbreaking story of Welvin Cañete, he went to Raffy Tulfo to seek the help of the veteran broadcaster to fix the relationship with his wife, who was allegedly having two kids with two different foreigners while working abroad.

The desperate husband went to the Aksyon Center to bring his complaint to Raffy Tulfo in Action.


According to him, his wife Elovelle Llego Cañete is a former Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) who works as a domestic helper in Abu Dhabi returned to the Philippines along with a baby whose father is a Jordanian national she met while working as a cleaner in Abu Dhabi.

He also revealed that this was not the first time she got pregnant while abroad, she also had a child with a Pakistani national.

But despite the fact that she already has two kids with other men, Welvin still wants to reconcile with his wife for the sake of their marriage and their 6-year-old daughter.


To keep his family will remain intact, he is willing to swallow his pride. But when he went to visit his wife at her family’s home, Elovelle ran away and refused to talk to him. That’s why he decided to seek help from Raffy Tulfo’s show.

When the show tried to reach Welvin’s wife for comment, but she refused to answer, it was her sister Evervelle Llego who picked up the phone and told Raffy that her sister was no longer in their home.

According to her, her sister had gone into hiding because she no longer wants to get back with her husband. Also, she said that Elovelle told them that she and Welvin have been separated for the past 5 years, but Raffy didn’t believe it because they also got married 5 years ago.

When Raffy learned that Welvin used to work as a chef in Dubai and wants to go back for his daughter’s future, he immediately agreed and advised Welvin to move on and forget about her wife, for there is still a higher chance that Elovelle will fool him again once they got back together. He also offered to help should the former OFW wish to file a formal complaint against his wife.

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