The story of Former “iskolar ng bayan” who is already a Millionaire at the age of 26

People said that dreams do come true if only you have the courage to strive hard for it. Many people think that becoming a millionaire may seem like a fantasy, but for a persevering young man, it has become a reality.

Jhay- R Reyes is proud to say he has achieved a lot and he is now a millionaire at the age of 26. On his Facebook post, Reyes posed behind his 2-storey mansion and car as he shared his journey to financial success.

The young millionaire shared that he used to be an “iskolar ng bayan” at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP). By that time, he already had a dream to become a millionaire. According to him, “I had this goal to be a millionaire at the age of 25, with a car and a home I can call my own.”

While studying, he started to learn about investing in stocks, “Started with an investment of 4 digits (9100+) exactly 10 years ago while studying as a iskolar ng bayan in PUP and trade I guess more than 1000 buys and sells to make it what it is now,” Reyes said.

10 years after, Reyes is proud to say that he now has his “dream house.” But he admitted that his journey is not an easy experience. After he graduated from college, he quit several jobs and had 5 employers within 4 years. His father even got sick, yet he did not let these things bring him down.

Despite the challenges, he worked hard and pursued his goal. He said, “Every cent, peso I have now came from investments, stocks to be specific. This house came from one stock, and that car came from one stock also. Without any debt, without fooling other people.” He also added that in achieving our dreams, we should never resort to fooling others.

Reyes proudly said that he worked hard to build his credibility over the years. He fulfilled his dream with “pure hard work, loyalty, and honesty.”

The young millionaire motivated everyone to dream big and never give up even when it seems hard to achieve what you want. Reyes said, “When you dream, make it a goal and for you to achieve your goal, you should move to achieve those goals and stop complaining and whining about the things you can’t control.”

source: virtualpinoy