The Love Story of Wowowin Contestant who Met Her Boyfriend After Sleeping Inside a Jeepney

In a recent episode of the variety gameshow Wowowin, hosted by Willie Revillame. One of the contestants captured the attention of the netizens after sharing her love story.

Tin shared the story of her love life to Willie Revillame in his show where the female contestant was part of the segment, Willie of Fortune. This segment allows the contestants to share their life stories and their talent to the world.

According to Tin, she had no idea of what happened because she was sleeping inside a jeep going to Monumento and after waking up, she had a love life. Of course, the timeline of their love life isn’t really literally that short.

Tin said that after a long and tiring night doing a thesis, she decided to take a nap inside the jeep to have some rest as she goes to her school. But little did she know that a man named Chris, who saw her and sits beside her secretly took a sneak peek at her ID to know her name.

Chris then decided to add Tin on Facebook to get to know her further. At first, she thought that Chris is just one of her classmates that’s why she approved his friend request.

From that day forward, they started talking and knowing one another until Chris had the guts to ask if he can court her.

Eventually, he got that sweet yes from the girl he first saw sleeping inside a jeepney.

“Pinilit na ligawan at sagutin pero alam kong nagpapakipot lang siya,” Chris joked to Willie.

(I forced her to allow me to court her and give her yes to me but I know she was just teasing me.)

After that, Chris asked Willie if he believes in first love, according to him, he only fell in love with Tin when they started talking and knowing one another.

“Naniniwala bakayo sa sinasabing first love? Kasi nafall ako nung second time na nakausap ko siya,” he said.

(Do you believe in first love? I don’t because I fell for her the second time that I talked to her.)

Chris is a former flight attendant, while Tin is a tourism management graduate. He decided to resign from his job so that he can join his girlfriend to find a job in any airlines where they can work together as flight attendants.

“Iingatan kita proprotektahan kita kahit kanino at lalo na sa lahat, mahal na mahal kita,” he told Tin.

(I will take care of you and protect you from anyone and most especially, I love you so much.)

According to Tin, Chris is definitely the one that she will marry.

After hearing their story, Willie was touched and admitted that he was a bit jealous of what was happening with the two. Later on, he throws a joke to lighten the mood.

“Pag ako nakikita ng magandang babae, humihingi lang sila ng jacket at pera,” he joked.

(If a beautiful woman saw me, they just ask for a jacket and money.)