Teenagers suffer from Seizures Allegedly Caused by Excessive Use of Cellphone

In this modern day and age, it is not unusual to see a teenager glued to their phone, always online, checking social media, or looking at mainstream videos.

If you’re one of the parents who is ever concerned about your teenage son’s or daughter’s addiction to their cellphone, you do have a serious ground for worry.

 Photo capture credits: Sarena Singian | Facebook

Apparently, there’s more danger in this addiction than just the potential of wasting a lot of time sharing memes and viral videos. Teenagers who use their cellphone way too much can put their health at terrible risk. One viral post can attest to this.

A concerned netizen recently shared on her Facebook account the ordeal that her younger sister has to go through. According to Sarena Singian, before her sibling’s hospitalization, she has been overly dependent on her cell phone that she brings it wherever she goes.

In addition, the teenage girl even skips meals so that she can devote more of her precious time using the said gadget. Unsurprisingly, this bad habit of her led to several problems and took a toll on her health.

Sarena wants to warn everyone so they won’t have to undergo the same fate her sister did. She went on narrating the details of the incident.

 Photo capture credits: Sarena Singian | Facebook

The young lady said to wake up fine but had experienced dizziness a few moments later. Soon after, she started feeling nauseous and threw up. Then, she dropped on the floor and had an episode of seizure. Alarmed by what just happened, the family rushed the teenager to a nearby hospital where doctors immediately examined her.

Upon several tests, it was divulged that the young lady has experienced extreme dehydration and her blood pressure has gone so low. The said post was also accompanied by several photos of the girl showing her unconsciously lying in the hospital bed. According to some reports, she is now recovering well.

Many netizens expressed their concerns, tagging their loved ones to be aware of the matter. Some also commented that may the incident be a wake-up call especially to parents who let their children neglect their health due to excessive use of cell phones.

source: tnpmedia