Teacher Was Speechless After Finding Out that a Fishball Vendor Earns Way More than He Does

Attending school has become the socially demanded path. Getting a bachelor’s degree has become a goal in the chase to achieve success. However, academic education is not the answer for everyone.

This conversation between two former high school classmates has gone viral online. Shared by a Facebook user named Cath Conde Bugia, the conversation was claimed to be based on a true story. One has finished his tertiary education and became a teacher while the other one did not and became a fishball vendor.

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The conversation began when the educator went to a fishball stand and bought street food worth P5. Suddenly, the vendor noticed that the customer was one of his former classmates.

Image credits: Cath Conde Bugia’s FB post

“Pre, kumusta na?” the vendor asked. [Friend, how are you?]
“Uy ikaw pala, pre!. Eto, teacher na! Kumusta na?” the other replied. [Uy, it’s you, friend. Here, now a teacher! How are you?]
“Eto pre, simpleng fishball vendor. Buti ka pa pre!” [Here, a simple fishball vendor. Good for you, friend.]
“Dapat kasi nag-aral ka.” [You should’ve studied.]
“Oo nga pre eh.” [Yes, friend.]
“Eh di sana pre, 18k/month din kita mo. Magkano ba kita mo dyan pre?” [You should be earning Php18,000.00 per month too. How much do you earn there, friend?]
“1,500 per day pre. May dalawa pa akong cart at may tagabenta ako. Iba pa ‘yung kinikita ko dun. Magkasakit man ako, at di makapagbenta, may kita pa rin ako… Nakabili na rin ako ng lupa pre dahil sa pagbebenta ng fishball. Plano ko magpatayo ng apartment.” [Php1,500.00 per day, friend, aside from my two carts wherein I hired sellers. Even if I get sick, I still earn. I already bought a piece of land because of selling fishball. I plan to have an apartment.]

The teacher was surprised and left speechless. He couldn’t believe that his classmate who wasn’t able to finish school actually earns more than he does.

This goes to show that not all jobs require you to present a piece of paper to prove that you are competent in life. In fact, there are notable entrepreneurs who never graduated from college yet found success in their respective fields.

source: virtualpinoy