Take a Look at Tonton Gutierrez and Glydel Mercado’s Wonderful Family

In the showbiz industry, so many married couples did not end up well in the end. With some even say “Walang forever”, this is common here in the Philippines.

But little did they know, there are many married couples like Tonton Gutierrez and Glydel Mercado, who is still living a happy and wonderful family after all these years. No wonder, they are considered as one of the Philippines’ power couples of showbiz during the ’90s.

Antonio Gutierrez, who is known as Tonton Gutierrez is a Filipino film and television actor. He is best known for his role as Governor Eduardo Buenaviste in the original hit series, ‘Pangako Sa’Yo with co-stars Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa as the main character.

While Flordeliza Sanchez aka Glydel Mercado is an award-winning actress known for her ‘kontrabida’ roles.

Tonton and Glydel tied the knot on March 15, 2004, at the Sanctuario de San Antonio Parish in Forbes Park, Makati. Not only accomplished actors, but also praised for their strong marriage and their two wonderful daughters.

Now, Tonton and Glydel are happily married for 14 years, with two lovely daughters, Aneeza and Aneeka who exactly resemble them both. The eldest is Aneeza who is now 13 years old. Aneeza is a big fan of Kapuso star, Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza.

While their youngest daughter is the cutie Aneeka. She is turning 8 this November 7.

This lovely family enjoys nature tripping and traveling abroad, in their recent photos you’ll see how these two young girls grew up. Aside from being incredibly good-looking, both Aneeza and Aneeka seem to have a good relationship with their famous parents.

During an interview with Glydel, she said that her secret to a happy marriage is having good communication with Tonton. They don’t have any conflict even before because both already earned enough money to support their family needs.

Glydel also shared that they were just like ‘barkada’ outside the camera. They remain the same. Although some petty fights, can’t be avoided, they managed to fix things right away.

To her, Tonton as a husband is:

“Good provider, mabait, maunawain… mabait talaga si Tonton, wala akong masabi.”

As a wife, she proudly describes herself like this:

“Ako, pasensiyosa, simple lang. Hindi ako materyosa.”

In Glydel’s Instagram account, you will see a normal family who loves spending time and creating great memories with each other. They have celebrated a lot of special occasions here and outside the country.

We hope that the story of the Power couple will help other couples who are struggling in their married life. Truly, their secret of a happy life is a great inspiration for other couples. For them, time and communication is really the key to a happy family.