Take a look at Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres’ Elegant White House in Forbes Park

Given the hefty price of having a house in a well-known village like Forbes Park. It’s not really surprising to hear that celebrities or politicians can afford to have an elegant house or even houses there.

Just like the celebrity couple and now politicians, Richard Gomez and Lucy Torres-Gomez.

Richard is serving as Ormoc City’s mayor while her wife Lucy serves as the representative of the fourth district in Leyte. And because of their work, they need to attend to their other duties in the province and they are not always based in Manila.

That is the main reason as to why they decided to transfer in new home, which now took them just 10 minutes. According to them it took them more than an hour to reach the airport coming from their previous home in Green Hills, San Juan. Aside from that, this place is crowded with food store and stalls they can just go out whenever they are hungry.

Let’s take a tour in their white-themed elegant house.


Looking at the home’ facade, it’s kept white with a sleek black outline that adds elegance to the home. Trees and greenery surrounded the property that gives a fresh ambiance to the place.

Living Area

The living area features an open layout making it look more spacious, just like the living and dining areas which open up to other parts of the house that adds brightness and spacious feel.

Sitting Area

This sitting area showcase relaxing feel of the space, the couple’s cozy nook is completed with comfortable furniture and it also features some of the artwork collection of Richard and Lucy.

Dining Area

This 10-seater dinner set from Dimensione is perfect for entertaining their visitors with ease. They can also use the buffet table on the side to hold food and dinnerware during get together and small parties.

Dining Nook

A few steps away from the dining area, you can see this comfy place to eat. It has an overlooking view of the outdoors and the natural light enter the area through its double-glazed windows.


Richard is also a good cook that’s why the kitchen has become his hideout when he likes to cook for his family.

This spacious kitchen also serves as the place where Juliana hangs out with friends. They opted for an all-white theme to make it easier to spot dirt, while cabinets and drawers organized the kitchen tools.


In the master bedroom and Juliana’s private place, white is also the dominating color just like the rest of the house. The couple’s room featured a painting above the bed to have a color contrast, while in their daughter’s bedroom is the comfy green couch.


Since their family loves to entertain guests, it is important to have an outdoor nook that can also be an extended dining area, especially when they need to hold meetings and parties.

Pool area

This pool area provides a perfect outdoor view and a cozy get-together with friends or a huge party with relatives.