Take A Glimpse of the 20-Year Old Gorgeous And Sexy Daughter Of Mariz And Ronnie Ricketts

If you’re an avid fan of Filipino action movies in the past, then you probably enjoyed watching the ‘80s action star Ronnie Ricketts in numerous Philippine movies.

The veteran actor captivated the hearts of many with his expertise in martial arts and acting talent.

Ronnie Ricketts is happily married to his wife, actress-singer Mariz. He is the former President of the Philippine Film Actors Guild, and former Chairman of Optical Media Board (OMB), Philippines. Aside from being an actor, he is also a scriptwriter, film director, line producer.

On the other hand, her wife Mariz is a singer, TV host, actress in both TV and films and a producer.

The celebrity couple has been blessed with two beautiful daughters, namely Raechelle Marie and Marella Rosabelle.

Their 20-year-old daughter Rachelle is gaining attention online because of her stunning photos on Instagram.

Meet Raechelle, she is the gorgeous youngest daughter of the couple Ronnie and Mariz. There’s no denying that she got her fine looks from both her parents.

Just like her dad, she loves working out and enjoys boxing. The father and daughter even train together. There’s no doubt she really is a daughter of a former action star.

Looking at her Instagram account, several photos of her shows how gorgeous she is with her unique features and model-like physique. Raechelle loves to flaunt her sexy curves and perfectly fit body on the beach, her profile contains lots of searing hot bikini photos as well as occasional selfies.

With her innocent yet attractive face, added with those sexy eyes. She is undeniably a head turner even without makeup.

While it may seem that Raechelle has decided not to follow the footsteps of her parents to the showbiz world. But with all her potential, we can only hope that she will join the industry someday.

Source: elitenewsfeed