Take a Glimpse of Cristine Reyes Jaw-dropping Photos in Boracay

The Island welcomed tourists to its white sand shores Friday, Oct. 26, after a six-month rehabilitation to clean it up and ensure that the environment is protected.

The said tourist destination undergoes rehabilitation to serve a more scenic and beautiful place for everyone.

Of course, a regular fan of the place had to drove to the beach and be one of the first people to see it. One of the people who joined the fun is Cristine Reyes.

The self-proclaimed “Boracay baby’ did not miss the chance to be among the first people to experience the brand new Boracay.

In addition, the 29-year-old actress also took her adorable daughter Amarah on this escapade. As the saying goes, “like mother, like daughter” since both of them share the same passion for beaches.

In her Instagram post, they share some glimpse of their adventures on the island. The two looked super adorable as they walk around and explored the beautiful view.

Aside from featuring the scenic Boracay view, Cristine shares pictures and videos on Instagram of their adorable mother and daughter bonding. There’s no doubt these two had become the ultimate travel buddies.

Apart from their beautiful photos, the actress highlighted the big improvement of Boracay which was once called as a “cesspool”.

She said, that the clean beach is now a “paradise saved”.

Aside from her adorable photos by the beach, many people noticed that Cristine and daughter were alone in their vacation trip with no signs of husband Ali Khatibi in sight. Rumors have been circulating about their separation, for the past months.

We just hope that other tourists who also visited came not only to appreciate Boracay’s beauty but also to help in the rehabilitation efforts.

After all, maintaining the cleanliness of the Island is the most essential of all.

The Local government and Department of Tourism implemented new laws that all of the visitors of the Island must observe and follow. In this way, we can keep Boracay as beautiful and as it is right now.