Son of Vic Sotto and Coney Reyes finishes Master’s degree with honors

The son of showbiz icons Vic Sotto and Coney Reyes, Vico Sotto, finished his Master’s degree with flying colors.

Vico took his Master in Public Management at the Ateneo School of Government in Quezon City. He even earned a silver medal after finishing his Master’s degree and the young politician shared this accomplishment on his social media account.

Back in 2016, Vico entered politics where he won as a City Councilor in Pasig. He was then considered as the youngest councilor of Pasig and ranked first among the 6 winners.

In his recent Instagram post, Vico shared some photos of him while his mother, Coney Reyes was there to place his medal around his neck.

Vico Sotto captioned the photo as: “Mama placing my Silver Medal around my neck. Now a Master in Public Management.”

Meanwhile, on his Twitter post, he also shares that at first, he didn’t believe that he will be able to finish his Master’s degree. In his post, you can see his diploma with a silver medal placed beside the document. The photo caption reads as:

“If you told me when I was in high school or college that in the future I would finish a Master’s degree with honors, I probably would have laughed!”

“I never did great in school and would just study the topics I liked. But I guess it’s different when there’s a sense of purpose!”

In Coney’s Instagram post, she uploaded some photos of her son’s success. The proud mother stated, “Thank you, Lord! I’m a proud Mama! Congratulations, son! Silver Medalist Master in Public Management.”

Last October 17, Vico decided to file his Certificate of candidacy as he plans to run for Mayor of Pasig this coming 2019 midterm election.

With his two years of experience in the field of politics, we can only hope that during his campaign as mayor of Pasig that his loyal supporters will continue to trust him.

Source: virtualpinoy