Possessive Boyfriend Fattens Up Girlfriend to Prevent Her From Attracting Other Men

Talk about possessiveness? A Chinese man overfed his attractive girlfriend to make sure no other men would ever look at her and like her.

You Pan, 25, and beautiful Yan Tai, 20, began dating in South China’s Guangdong Province two years ago. Yan Tai was just 50 kg when they started dating, but when You Pan got worried that other men would court her, he started to feed Yan Tai 5 times a day for over a couple of years!

Yan Tai was treated to massive meals by You Pan. Apart from heavy breakfast, lunch, and dinner, You Pan used to offer her snacks at short intervals. He also used to wake her up in the middle of the night to feed her with snacks.

Luckily, Pan seems to have found a dormant food addict that just needed some encouragement to come out because Tai didn’t seem to mind the treatment. She gained over 90 pounds thanks to his feeding.

Now Yan Tai almost weighs 200 pounds. Her weight had almost doubled after she ballooned up, but her six-and-a-half-stone weight gain was all part of a plan to keep You Pan’s pretty girlfriend by his side forever.

After reaching his target weight for her girlfriend, You Pan has popped the question to her with a bouquet made, most fittingly, out of Ferrero Roche.

The food-obsessed romantic even made the proposal to his ‘goddess’ at their favorite street of restaurants. To top it off, their friends were around holding pictures of the couple’s favorite foods that led to Yan Tai’s transformation.


Beaming with happiness, Yan accepted the proposal, and the happy couple sealed the deal with a kiss as friends at the venue cheered on. You have now promised to feed her even more once they are married.

The proposal photos have been making rounds on social media. While some called it “romantic”, many criticized it saying it’s not loved, but an act of jealousy and “terrorism” by a crazy boyfriend.

source: goodtimes