Pakistani Guy Sends Money to Filipina Girlfriend, But She Blocks Him After Receiving the Cash

It’s not common to see Filipinas who are being judged for dating a foreigner instead of our Filipino men. There are one too many common misconceptions about them from being only after the money, sex, a green card, or whatever racist assumptions. Sadly, we are often plagued by this stereotype not just in the Philippines, but elsewhere around the globe.

Of course, not all Filipinas who are in relationships with foreigners are only after the money and the like, but because they truly love them. However, there are some instances that worsen the stigma when Filipinas are actually caught swindling their foreign boyfriends.

Just recently, one Pakistani guy angrily shared on his Facebook account the screenshots of his conversation and video calls with a Filipina woman who happens to be his girlfriend. According to Arshad Jutt Karlo, she tricked him into sending her some money but once the woman claimed the cash from the remittance center, she immediately blocked the poor man on Facebook.

The woman who goes by the name “J Ann” on the social media site deceived Arshad all this time that she was genuinely in love with him and was excited for them to get married. While the Pakistani did not mention how long they have known each other or how long they have been in a relationship, it must have been long enough for him to trust the woman that he would willingly send her money.

According to the actual conversation between the two, J Ann asked Arshad for his help as her father was sick and currently hospitalized.

Probably because of his love for the woman, Arshad quickly sent his girlfriend some money which amounted to several thousand of pesos as seen on their video call screenshots.

Unfortunately for the Pakistani, J Ann blocked him on Facebook right after claiming the money from the remittance center and telling him that she would go visit his father at the hospital – no longer to be contacted again.

source: buzzooks