OFW Stuck at the Airport in Saudi without Any Money After her Employer Sent her Home Just 2 Months After Arriving

There are now millions of domestic Filipino workers traveling to richer countries to work in private households. In the Philippines where many still live under the poverty line and families struggle to keep their children in school, the lure of a job abroad has pulled these people out of their homes and scattered them across the globe. However, not all of these Filipinos step into decent homes and are sheltered by kind-hearted employers.

An OFW identified as Honelyn Pequiro was spotted by a fellow Filipina in an airport in Saudi Arabia, crying out for help.

The post was shared by netizen Cinta Kamu on her Facebook account, saying that Honelyn had asked them for assistance while they were at the airport. The poor OFW explained that she has no money and all of her things were left at her former employer’s home. Literally, Honelyn has nothing with her.

Honelyn narrated that her employers made her work too much regardless of whether her body could still do it or not, until the day she finally stood up her ground and refused to get out of her room. Her employers then promised to take her to a nearby hospital for a check-up but instead, she was taken to the airport without taking any of her things with them.

Moreover, one of her employers bought her plane tickets going home, but she was not handed any extra money. To make all things worse, she was left alone at the airport and has not heard of her employers since.

Honelyn was also not able to board her flight back to the Philippines despite having a plane ticket due to lack of iqama. Apparently, the document is a requirement which the airport officials sought from her but she could not produce one given that she is just new in Saudi and her employers had not gotten her any.

As a result, Honelyn got stuck at the airport with her plane leaving to the Philippines without her on board. For three consecutive days, she had endured her hunger. Fortunately, several big-hearted Filipinos provided her with some food. Meanwhile, the video uploader shared that her uncle had already called the Philippine consulate to report Honelyn’s current situation.

Because the group had also flights to catch up, they were not sure what happened to Honely next – whether she was rescued by representatives of the Philippine government or not. Nevertheless, we are praying that she is already in good hands and eating a proper meal.

source: buzzooks