No Adult, No Problem: Independent Child Learns to Survive on Her Own in a Rural Mountain Area

Experts say that giving your child chores is one of the most important things you’ll ever do. Kids who do chores learn responsibility and gain important life skills that will serve them well throughout their lives.

Chores are so important to kids’ sense of well-being. Not only do they teach them responsibility, but also give them a sense of meaning in the family.

However, there are many times that parents have heard refrains or something similar when they request their children to do a chore around the house. They can be pros at procrastination, excuses, resistance, and refusal when it comes to chores.

Meanwhile, this little girl who was born in a poor, rural village at the top of a mountain is making rounds on the internet because of gaining independence from such an early age. While other girls around her age are still being looked after by their parents, this girl seems capable of living on her own.

As seen on the footage, she does not look beyond the age of 7. It’s also unclear whether she lives with her parents or not, where they were when the video was taken, or if she’s an orphan. One can see just by the way she looks how her day-to-day experiences have toughened her up in life, without even complaining at all.

She simply goes on with her daily routine. Her hair is unkempt at first which she ties up to keep it from getting into her face while she works. Her clothes are plain and untidy which goes to show what little she has. Nonetheless, she manages herself well like a grownup.

She can also be seen preparing her meal which comprises of rice and potatoes. She washes the crops in a basin of water, without slicing or cutting them up into smaller pieces. The little girl takes a bite and eats the rice using her bare hands.

She also picks up some green, leafy vegetables, chops them into smaller pieces with a knife larger than her arm, and feeds them to her chickens inside a small enclosure.

Obviously, she gets her nourishment from the mountains. She climbs up while carrying a small straw basket on her back. She then digs for more root crops, picks up vegetables, and collects firewood.

With a child owning such practical life skills and striving to survive, we must learn to count and cherish our blessing because our children don’t have to go through the same ordeal this young girl does every single day.

source: goodtimes