Newly Discovered ‘Badjao Girl’ Captures the Hearts of Netizens with Her Beautiful Smile

You probably still remember Rita Gabiola, the gorgeous Badjao girl spotted by a photographer during a town festival whose photos soon made rounds on social media.

She gained fame as the “Badjao Girl” who has eventually received some modeling contracts as well as a short stint inside Pinoy Big Brother’s house.

While Rita currently shies away from the limelight to focus on her studies, there’s a new girl in town who is bound to take her crown as the beautiful “Badjao Girl.”

The lovely Badjao girl was spotted recently near SM Novaliches in Quezon City by a group of students doing a school project.

Shared by Doms Quintua on his Facebook account, the photos of the aforementioned girl last October 28 have immediately gone viral. Netizens are even calling the attention of Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (KMJS) to feature the young lady on the TV show.

The said students were working on an investigative report, a project in Oral Communication, and took photos and video clips of Badjaos around the city, trying to learn more about their daily lives. As they spoke with the Badjaos, Doms noticed that one of them especially stood out from their group due to her charismatic and natural beauty.

In spite of living in the streets most of her life, the young woman has a gorgeous face and nice brown skin just like Rita who was primarily noticed for her exceptional beauty.

Many netizens commented on Doms’ post, and half-jokingly said that they wanted to know the young lady’s skincare routine because she looks flawless despite being homeless and roaming around the city for a whole day.

Moreover, they were also happy about Doms sharing the young girl’s photos which circulated online. They were hoping that she would have a better chance in life as well, the same with Rita who currently works as a part-time model.

The first Badjao girl used to live in the streets too along with her family but after gaining fame on social media, many doors have opened for her, and now she has earned enough money to take her family out of the streets.

They now have a roof above their heads, and even if their home might not be the most grandiose one, it is still far better from having none.

Netizens were crossing their fingers that the same fate would happen to the newly found Badjao girl.

source: buzzooks