Netizens can’t get enough of Beauty Gonzalez, Super Cute Daughter, Olivia!

A mother’s role is to love her children with all her heart. While for some, being a mother is the best and the toughest job in the world.

This event will truly bring big changes in a woman’s life. Before they used to think of their welfare above all, the majority of what they do will only be for themselves. But once the baby comes into their life, their priorities will change

After giving birth, your focus will be about the baby. Because for the baby’s first few years, a mother’s love will be necessary to help them grow and step into the world.

It will be their strength and shield, and this mother and baby bond is one of the most precious relationships.

This is one thing that the actress Beauty Gonzalez cherish most in her life now: being a real-life hands-on mother to her super adorable baby daughter, Olivia Inez. The Kadenang Ginto star also portrays the role of the protective Romina Andrada to Casie.

Back in 2016, Beauty shared her experience as a first-time mom. During the interview, the actress’ motherly love was revealed to her fans as she welled up in tears admitting that motherhood changed her life.

Her beautiful mini-me, Olivia, had become the center of her life now and despite her busy schedules and commitments, she is always excited to go home and be with her daughter.

Her exhaustion due to the tremendous amount of work she has does not lessen her desire to spend more time with her daughter as much as she can.

In her Instagram account, Beauty often shares photos of her cute toddler. We can now witness how Olivia continues to grow as a wonderful kid.

Looking at her photos, you will notice that she looks exactly like her mother. Her irresistible smile and beauty are already apparent at her young age.

As seen in her Instagram captions, the actress is excited to travel more with her daughter and husband, Norman. Absolutely, it will be a good experience for baby Olivia to see many places as she grows up.

Aside from this more cute photos of Olivia will be available for the fans. As the actress just keeps on uploading her charming toddler photos to cheer up her followers.

It is obvious that Beauty Gonzalez is having the time of her life as a mother, but according to her, she doesn’t plan to have another baby after Olivia.

With her career and other endeavors in line, she told the press that she is already happy with one child and her husband in her life.

Besides, having one child will allow her more freedom in showbiz, as well as more time to bond with her husband.

But despite her contentment, the actress says that she will still be happy and is not closing the possibility of Olivia having a sibling. I

f it happens, they will happily accept this beautiful blessing.

Take a look at these super adorable photos of Beauty’s mini-me!