Netizen Hilariously Encounters Two Drunk Men Lying on the Cold Jeepney Floor

To some, alcohol is the best thing that could happen to humankind. Although some people imbibe this gift responsibly, some of us can’t help but get carried away! Instead of passing out and letting people enjoy their drinks, they do some incredibly ridiculous things.

People may do stupid things sometimes even when sober, but some of them do really weird and crazy ones after drinking one too many. One viral post will remind you to be definitely careful with your booze. Those two guys who have given the internet a treasure trove of their must have had a sober reflection in the cold hard light of day after seeing their hilarious snaps.

Credits: Lalaine Tisado | Facebook

On her way home, one netizen had an insanely funny moment as she rode on a jeepney. Lalaine Tisado shared the incident on her Facebook account with accompanying photos of the hilarious sight she had witnessed – two extremely drunk men lying on the vehicle’s cold, bare floor.

The said post has immediately gone viral with netizens laughing so hard at the unusual encounter. Based on the pictures, the two unconscious men clearly looked wasted. They must have gone to a great party with overflowing booze before riding a jeepney. They couldn’t even handle themselves and could barely sit properly. Half of their bodies were in the jeepney seat while the other half remained on the cold floor of the vehicle.

Credits: Lalaine Tisado | Facebook

Lalaine initially hesitated on riding the same jeepney. You never know when bad things would happen given our country’s current state, so it’s just right to stay alert at all times. To make things light, the jeepney driver told the lady that the pair of unconscious men were only drunk and would not “bite.”

For the entire duration of the trip, the two men went on sleeping soundly without the slightest of care to their surroundings. As Lalaine finally reached her destination, she witnessed how the driver tried to wake the two sleeping passengers up. According to her, both men sort of opened their eyes but she was not sure whether they completely woke up or not as they looked nowhere near being sober.

Credits: Lalaine Tisado | Facebook

Lalaine hoped that the two men managed to return to their respective homes soundly and safely. The viral post served as a reminder to everyone especially among those who are fond of partying hard up to the verge of blacking out to only drink what they can handle. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying alcohol and wild nights sometimes, but just make sure that you would not compromise your safety and could go home before you get overly drunk.

source: tnpmedia

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