Mistress Lives Wealthy Life, Buys Toyota Fortuner While his Wife and Kids Experiences Financial Problems.

Overseas workers like OFW will take a significant amount of risk while traveling and working abroad.

They often have high salaries, which is of course much higher than what they usually earn in the Philippines. For most Filipinos, being an OFW is a promise of good life, but also being far away from your home and your family.

But the sad truth is, there are also many OFWs who ended breaking up with their spouses because later on would meet someone new.

This is the story of Eric Gutierrez, a licensed electrician working in Qatar. Before he met Ethel Sapod, he used to send all his salary to his family in the Philippines and even started building their dream house.

Ethel, his mistress, was said to be controlling his money, and because of that Eric’s family is experiencing financial problems now.

Recently, Buenafe seeks help from Raffy Tulfo so that Eric would once again properly support his family.

According to Eric’s wife Buenafe, he usually sends his money to Ethel who would be the one to send the money to them. The money that they receive became smaller that they had to give up paying for their house and started renting because the kids are still in school.

The legal wife also revealed that Ethel is not just controlling the money but also is forcing Eric not to send extra money to his kids when they need for some school stuff. Also, Eric and Ethel now have a child.

His mistress lives a wealthy life, while his legal family is experiencing financial problems. Buenafe even learned that she just bought a brand new Toyota Fortuner recently.

But according to Ethel, the money used for the car was not from Eric, she even added that she wakes up early in the morning and sleep late at night to sell vegetables so she could earn money.

She even said that Buenafe is just good at making up stories. But Raffy is not buying her excuse and later sided with Buenafe. He also warned the two that they could face charges, especially because Eric and Buenafe are legally married – and the marriage has not been annulled.

Accusing Buanafe of being the ‘bad’ one. People just can’t stop getting mad at Ethel not just for being the mistress, but also for being bold and loud.