For Better or For Worse,Meet The Long Time Girlfriend of Vhong Navarro

The foundation of every good relationship is love and forgiveness. This is certainly true for the actor and host, Vhong Navarro and his longtime girlfriend, Tanya Winona.

‘It’s Showtime’ host and Kapamilya actor Vhong Navarro has always been thankful for his girlfriend, Tanya Winona Bautista, their love proved that love conquers all. The couple is now celebrating their 10th anniversary as a couple.

The obstacles and controversies that the couple faced in the past made their relationship much stronger and happier than before.

Despite the hardships and challenges that happened, Tanya never left his side and the couple has stayed stronger than ever and now their relationship is already a decade long.


After the shocking controversy the couple has faced, a lot of people think that would be the end of their relationship and would cause their splitting up.

Contrary to that, Tanya Winona stayed by Vhong Navarro’s side and took care of him until they have worked out their relationship and settled everything.

She gives the actor full support during the deepest moment in his life despite unfaithfulness on their relationships.

This just proved Winona’s pure love and intention to her boyfriend Vhong, which made him and all of us realize that she truly loves the actor.

In fact, according to ABS- CBN Winona considers Vhong as her “male version” and “one of God’s greatest gifts.”

In their Instagram accounts, the couple has uploaded some photos that clearly show how they love each other. While some of their Instagram photos show how their relationship has grown as that they travel to different places together with Vhong Navarro’s sons Isaiah and Fredriek.

Winona and Vhong first met on the set of the film “My Only U.” This is a 2008 romantic-comedy film starring Vhong Navarro and Toni Gonzaga, wherein Winona was among the writers of the said film.

In 2016, Vhong posted the official poster of the 2008 film “My Only U” for their anniversary. He changed Toni Gonzaga’s face with Tanya’s and added this caption:

“First time ko gumawa ng movie na RomCom, dito ko nakilala ang babaeng nag-aalaga, nag-papasaya at nagmamahal sakin nang sobra sobra! Kaya ang title na “My Only U” ay nababagay sayo @t.winona (Tanya) dahil nag-iisa ka lang na gumawa nyan sa buong buhay ko. Mahal na mahal kita! Happy Anniversary!”

In addition, Tanya Winona is also known for her scriptwriting who has made the writings of Kapamilya TV series which includes: Hawak Kamay (2014), Pasion de Amor (2015), Magpahanggang Wakas (2016), and Halik (2018).