Meet the ‘Real-Life Rapunzel ‘Anastasia Sidorova’ from Russia – She Shares Advice on How to Have an Outstanding Beautiful Hair

One could not ask for more about having a silky and shiny hair. Most of the girls strive to have fabulous hair which forces them to try out new things with the aid of science. Some people who have complication about hair fall resort to tapping in surgeries that would aid them from their dilemma.

Millions of people all over the world suffer from a condition which attributes to hair loss. Anastasia Sidorova, a 23-year-old Russian model, is one of the many sufferers of severe hair loss.

When she was a teenager, she was diagnosed with a severe condition called androgenetic alopecia. This problem is associated with severe hair fall to the extent of complete baldness. This problem affected her mental health as it reduced her confidence in her social activities.

This condition took a toll when she was just about the age of 18. This made her try and reach out a trichologist in favor of having a relief on her hair fall problem.

Anastasia’s treatment from the trichologist allowed her to bring back her confidence as her hair starts to grow back. She was so amazed at the result that she even began to take a better understanding of trichology and even undergone some training to become a professional trichologist.

It made her realize all the opportunity that she might get if she would study this branch of science that deals with hair loss.

After having a better improvement in her hair, she didn’t bother to cut her hair again. Even up until now, she preferred to have a long and beautiful hair which now reaches 90 inches long. She is now dubbed as the real-life Russian Rapunzel.

Her numerous advertisements with Pantene and Russian magazines made her famous and gained a lot of followers on her Instagram account. She flaunts her beauty matching her very long hair over her social media accounts which most netizens loved about her.

In her years of learning, she shared to most people her advice on how to have an outstanding hair complexion. She stated that:

“Before you decide on which shampoo suits you, you need to decide on the type of hair. Improperly selected shampoo can damage your hair very badly.”

“For example, if you have dry hair, start using shampoo for oily hair, you remove all that natural fat, without which the normal condition of the hair, which is already lacking, is impossible,” she added.

She reiterated that: “You will dry the scalp and make your hair very fragile, brittle. Many people often face a season of hair loss. If the iron content in the body is normal and there are no hormonal changes, this is normal.”

Anastasia also said that she had never straightened her hair. She only allows her hair dry up to 60% and only uses natural treatments without any toxic chemical substances to keep her hair luscious and perfectly balanced.

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