Meet The Handsome Priest Who Went Viral On Social Media

Nowadays, it is very sad to know that many young people in our generation have lost their devotion to God for many reasons.

Their mindset was shifted from serving God to a self-centered and busy life, and this is because of the growing popularity of technology including social media.

Being a priest requires a great deal of discipline and commitment. In fact, in order for them to become a full-pledged priest, they must be willing to accept that they can never get married and have a child for the rest of their lives while fulfilling their duty as God’s server.

That is why for many young men out there, being enrolled in the seminary would be the last thing that they would consider.

On social media, a young priest at Penaplata became the center of attention because of his handsome looks and vocation. Many people, mostly girls, believe that he is too attractive to become a priest.

The handsome priest was identified as Rev. Jay-R Antiga Gubac Jr. He graduated last 2017 at St. Francis Xavier Regional Major Seminary taking up the Theological Formation. By looking at Rev. Jay-R photos, there’s no denying that he is really a handsome priest. No wonder he can stand out among the rest as you will not see attractive priests every day.

Furthermore, Rev. Jay-r underwent the Ordination to the Diaconate or ordained as a Deacon last September. Today, he serves as a priest at Penaplata, Samal Island.

But before he enrolled in the seminary, Rev. Jay-r started his church life as an altar server at the Holy Family OCD Novitiate House, Tugbok, Davao City. Altar servers help the priest by fetching and carrying, ringing the altar bell, and other things.

A lot of netizens, especially girls, were impressed by his choice to enter the priesthood. They admire him and can’t help but get attracted by his charming looks. Some even say that he’s the reason why many people will now go to church every Sunday.