Meet the Beautiful Blue-Haired Filipina Cheerleader Who Stuns the NBA Crowd with a Show Stopper Dance Move

Kyla Fajardo, a Filipina NBA Cheerleader, gets viral on all platforms of social media with her amazing moves and gorgeous face. Kyla is the youngest member of the Los Angeles Clippers Cheerleading dance team.

She is an exceptional beauty with a fantastic talent in dancing. A lot of people are rooting for her dance moves on the hardwood playing field of the National Basketball Association (NBA).

With her dashing blue hair, she can be easily glazed upon the court that seems to steal the spotlight from the crowd. A lot of men will be thrilled to see her perform her job by showing off her talent with a limber and finely toned body.

Kyla Fajardo started her career as a cheerleader at Los Angeles Clippers Spirit dance team in a tender age of 18 making her way to blossom as the youngest and most talented member of the group for 2017 season of NBA league.

This eye-catching cheerleader has been on the leading line of the group because of her undeniable talent in dancing and a gorgeous face that makes the crowd lively.

Kyla’s family is based in Carson City, California. She always loved dancing and started to have an interest in it at the early age of 11. She then chose to pursue her career in dancing. She also works as a dance instructor at a Torrance-based studio in California aside from being a member of Clipper’s leading cheerleaders.

She is also recognized by the state of California and even the national levels with her wickedly impressive dance moves.

It is a fantastic feat to see our fellow Filipinos excel in different aspects here in the local scene and also abroad. It makes us proud to know that a lot of Filipino dedicate their self wholly and get successful in life.

One of these famous Filipinos is Winwyn Marquez who won the Hispanoamericana 2017 Beauty Competition which is held in Bolivia. Another one is the renowned boxing-champion Senator Manny Pacquaio which caught a lot of many world title champion belt. Now, Kyla Fajardo is one of the exceptional people that made Filipino world-class!

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