Meet Edu Manzano’s Gorgeous Only Daughter, Addie Manzano

TV host and actor Edu Manzano were considered as one of the most handsome faces in show business, during his younger years.

Currently, he plays the role of Vice President Lucas Cabrera in the top-rating primetime action-drama series FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

In reality, Edu has three children, the eldest is Luis Manzano, his son with his former spouse, Vilma Santos. His other children with the former model Rina Samson are Amanda Danielle or “Addie” and Lorenzo Eduardo or “Enzo.”

Well, it’s not a big surprise to find out that all his three children are blessed with good genes because they are all very good-looking.

We knew a lot about Edu Manzano’s son, Luis, but it’s his daughter, Addie who has recently been gaining attention in the social media. Despite the fact that Luis Manzano is the only one who entered the showbiz, it’s nice to know the other children of Edu Manzano are doing just fine being regular people.

Addie Manzano is the only daughter of Edu, 21-year-old graduated from Ateneo de Manila University. She is currently based in New York City for more than two years now.

After that, she decided to stay in New York for good. Her father often visits her to spend time together. On one of her posts, Edu congratulated her daughter for surviving.

In her recent social media post, his dad congratulated her for surviving the urban jungle. Living independently and not to be spoon-fed by your parents is really hard.

Looking at her social media posts, you will see how Addie loves the outdoors. She is also seen flaunting her fit and hot body in her swimwear. And for those who were asking if Addie is still single. Apparently, her Instagram feed will answer that question as she is currently happy with her boyfriend named as John Miclat.

Addie has done some modeling in the past, she became part of a campaign for a whitening product here in the Philippines in 2014. Aside from pursuing her studies.

But according to her dad, finishing school is her top priority.

She also had a glimpse of the limelight when she became the host for ABS-CBN’s sports series Upfront at UAAP.

With her supportive family here in the Philippines and the colorful life she has with her boyfriend and friends in New York, it appears that she is already living in a pleasant life.

Indeed, this good-looking 21-year-old woman has a lot of promising potentials. However, it’s still up to her to decide if she would like to enter the world of the Philippines showbiz industry someday.