Meet Boy Abunda’s Long-time Partner Bong Quintana’s and Their Sweet Moments

Eugenio “Boy” Romerica Abunda Jr. is a Filipino television host, publicist, talent manager, and celebrity endorser. He is one of the most celebrated, and influential TV personality in our generation.

Recently, a few photos of Tito Boy and his long-time partner, Bong Quintana, surfaced on the internet. The photos consist moments of Tito Boy and Bong in different places, they seem to be very happy and so much in love with each other.

Let’s take a closer look at Tito Boy and Bong’s journey.

In November 2013, Tito Boy appeared on the cover issue of StarStudio magazine. He revealed that at his young age, he realized and accepted himself as being gay, and even wanted to become a beauty queen.

Despite having a father whom he described as “extremely macho”, he already knew for sure that he was gay. He then added, “I also lived in a town that was extremely, extremely macho, including the women. Even Waray women are macho. Sabi nga nila, ‘Bumangga ka na sa lalaking Waray, wag lang sa babae.”

Tito Boy spent his first seven years during his childhood in Baruk, Eastern Samar and moved to Borongan after where he attended the now renamed Eugenio Abunda Sr. Elementary School. Here, he admitted that he knew for sure that he was gay and wasn’t afraid to show it.

He also admitted that he had one insecurity which he thinks was brought about the society’s expectations.

Tito Boy stated, “I played their games, but I didn’t play basketball,” he said, referring to his classmates in the seminary. “It was my biggest insecurity, kasi sa seminaryo at bayan, kapag hindi ka naglaro ng basketball, effeminate ka ‘di ba? The stereotypes, maaga pa lang sa buhay ko, na-expose na ako doon.”

Growing up, Tito Boy also shared how he was bullied by means of name-calling. “There was a street in my town, ang pangalan niya ay Royal, takot na takot ako na dumaan doon, kasi sinisigawan ka ng mga boses na ‘do mo nakikita ng ‘Bakla!’ Or, ‘Bayot, bayot!’ Of course, I would pretend not to hear but I was afraid,” he shared.

But Tito Boy said that his father was well-respected that is why these insults came sometimes upon him.

In an interview, Tito Boy also talked about his 30-year relationship with long-time partner, Bong Quintana. He revealed the hardships, as well as the twists in their love story.

He said, “Bong is just so loved by Nanay and by my family…It was more difficult sa side ni Bong because Papa was a proud police officer,” he said. “The irony is that n’ung umpisa, I wouldn’t go to Bong’s house because I didn’t want to put Bong in a predicament where he wouldn’t know what to do kasi he was raised in an extremely macho, athletic family.”

According to Tito Boy, he decided to join Quintana’s family for lunch one Sunday where he found out that Bong’s father he calls as “Papa” was his biggest fan.

“If my relationship with Papa at the start was very difficult, it turned out later to be the most beautiful relationship, as he turned out to be my biggest fan,” Tito Boy said.

Known for his very famous style and line of questioning. He was then asked on the topic about “the deed”, he responded “Can I talk about it?” and then he laughed. He answered, “As a gay person, I take that seriously,” he went on. “Wala talaga akong konsepto ng top or bottom. I should be honest kasi I ask questions, I should answer questions. I like the art of flirting, sa kiss masaya na ako, pero I don’t go for top or bottom. I don’t. I enjoy foreplay!”