Man Finds Tiny Newborn Squirrel on His Bed and It Grows Up to be the Most Adorable Pet

Wildlife rehabilitators Christina and Michael are used to strange callouts, but one call was especially unusual.

One day, a man had left his house to run some errands but when he returned, he noticed something unusual on his bed. He found that a mother squirrel had made a nest of twigs, dried pines, and branches on his bed for her two newborn squirrels curled up inside.

The man then contacted the couple to try and help the baby squirrels.

Christina speculated that the squirrel family’s original nest was ruined due to construction work going on nearby and the pregnant mother climbed up the building, getting in through the window into the apartment to give birth to her babies.

The wildlife rescuers attempted to reunite the baby squirrels with their mother. Unfortunately, she did not take them back even though she kept returning with materials to rebuild the nest.

Sadly, one of the baby squirrels didn’t make it. The news got worse after an assessment by a local wildlife vet determined that the remaining baby would not be able to survive on her own either.

That’s when Christina and Michael both decided to step in and adopt the baby squirrel. They named her Thumbelina because she was so tiny and they wanted to do all they could to help keep the adorable little creature alive.

Miraculously, the little Eastern grey squirrel survived and the two-year-old still lives with the husband and wife, who have rescued dozens of orphaned baby squirrels. The couple, who rescue, raise and then release squirrels into the wild, realized that Thumbelina case was unique.

All baby squirrels are born deaf and blind, normally opening their eyes at around five weeks old. Thumbelina developed much later and didn’t open her eyes for nine weeks.

Whether she was born this way or affected by the early trauma, she lacked basic squirrel survival skills like climbing and jumping, and in general, didn’t really behave like a squirrel at all.

Afraid of heights, her endless searches for avocado (her favorite food) are done from the safety of the kitchen floor.

The closest she’ll get to the outdoors, which also terrifies her, is the windowsill, her napping spot of choice. She also likes massages and eating seeds gently from Christina’s mouth.

Despite their best efforts, Thumbelina had no interest in being reintroduced to other squirrels. However, Thumbelina is now a very happy squirrel who loves hanging out with her human parents.

We’re just happy she’s found a family to love and care for her after her difficult start in life.

source: boredpanda