Look: Alex Gonzaga’s Hilarious tour of Isabelle Daza’s Stunning House in her Recent Vlog

Kapamilya actress Alex Gonzaga was born on January 16, 1988, in the Philippines as Catherine Mae Cruz Gonzaga.

She is also the younger sister of Toni Gonzaga and has made quite a name for herself as a TV host, singer, actress and author.

Recently, she has been displaying her funny side on her personal YouTube page, and her vlogs are hilarious, entertaining and very candid.

Let’s check how Alex was able to turn a simple house tour into an entertaining joke fest with her celebrity friend Isabelle Daza.

In her recent vlog where she raided one of her friend’s house, Alex showed off Isabelle’s gym, dining room, swimming pool, baby area, kitchen, and living room.

The vlog started with Alex walking towards the entrance of Belle’s house and shouting, “Daza!” she even mention that Isabelle did not even have a doorbell. Alex then proceeded to enter the house and asked Belle with a casual tone to give her a tour of her beautiful house.

Isabelle showed off her stunning gym, dining room, kitchen, and swimming pool. While in between gym breaks, kitchen raids, and so on, they talked about a bunch of things.

During the tour, Alex also made fun of her comfort room, the lights in the dining area, as well as the plants near the pool. Belle even asked for Alex to help with a tree in her garden, but the Alex refused to help.

Belle and Alex also took a break and sang along to one of Baltie’s singing toys.

Alex also brought some gifts for Belle, a giant pair of spoon and fork and Filipino dishes where she uses ice cream containers as storage.

Before leaving Belle’s house, Alex wanted to give back and decided to help Belle through a small business venture. She posted an “Ice Tubig 4 Sale” sign on Belle’s lawn to grant a wish.