Let’s take a look on Ejay Falcon’s Simple Provincial Life In His Hometown In Mindoro

Celebrities are also people just like us. It’s how they choose to act and keep their feet on the ground that will determine how reachable or unreachable they are.

Just like the Pinoy Big Brother alum, Ejay Falcon, despite the success in his career, he still loves to look back at his simple life.

The actor recently shared a short clip of his comeback in his hometown in Mindoro in his social media account. As seen in the clip, the humble actor express how happy he was to be with his family and friends, who he grew up with.

Edward Jake “Ejay” Lasap Falcon (born November 21, 1989), is a Filipino-French model and actor. His mother left him when he was little and never met her.

When he was 15, Ejay went to Manila to search for his mother, only to find out that she had another family.

During his three-year stay in Manila, he went to University of Manila and took a course in Hotel and Restaurant Management but was forced to quit his study because of financial problems.

During that time, he met his manager, showbiz hairstylist, Benjie Alipio, he encourages Ejay Falcon to join the Circle of 10 talent search. Unfortunately, the actor did not win any title in the said talent search.

But there’s no doubt that every one of us has once dreamed of being a celebrity. What made us envious of them is their way of living, their lavish lifestyle and their fame. That’s why when there’s an opportunity for us to become a celebrity, for sure, we will immediately grab it.

The 28-year-old actor showed how simple his life used to be in his Instagram account. He played street basketball with the locals there, like many the usual people. To make his loved ones happy, he also put up a small celebration in his hometown.

The actor wrote, “Thank you Lord sa pagbigay sa akin ng chance na magawa ang mga bagay na makakapagpasaya ng iba kahit sa simpleng pamamaraan lang. Maraming salamat sa mga taong binibigay nyo sa buhay ko para maging posible ang mga minsan akala ko ay imposible.”

Many people loved him because he still chose to be humble and to keep his feet on the ground, despite all his achievements and fame. That’s why the public can’t help but be star struck with Kapamilya star.

They thanked him for sharing his blessings with the people he loves the most.

And because of this many netizens also praised the actor for his incredible personality.