Meet Sheryl Cruz Handsome Boyfriend

The actress, Sheryl Cruz has been flooding her Instagram account with her travel experience in Iceland, Europe.

She shares all the fantastic places she visited and photos of her with her friends, following some common hashtags such as #InspiredbyIceland and #levytravelandtours.

One of her posts got the social media curious is her photo with Guido, her rumored boyfriend.

On @officialsherylceuz, the actress’s personal IG account, she posted several photos with Guido with the hashtag #GuidoandMe.

The photos were taken on a restaurant and they look like having a dinner and some catching up. Many of her Instagram followers were asking if Guido is her new partner or her future husband. Comments were complimenting Sheryl and Guido as a perfect match because both are good looking.

According to a video posted by Pinoy Showbiz Latest, Sheryl Cruz shared that Guido is her are just friend but netizens are assuming that they are already in a relationship.

The shares that, the Filipino Sun-Times reported that Sheryl Cruz and Guido were seen to be shopping and looking for expensive engagement rings in some big jewelry stores last Thursday morning, November 8.

They also include that according to a source, who said to be a close friend of Sheryl and Guido, Shery really loves with the guy and had a future plan of having the relationship they have now into the next level in the future.

But it was on clearly stated in the article published that the on the story is pertaining to Guiso.

November 9, Sheryl Cruz replied on the question if on her age of 44, will she be tying a know with someone, by saying “no comment.”

Adding to the information from the, from another article, they reported that the Sheryl got secretly married to her long-time partner, as reported from Manila Daily News.

Rumors spread that Sheryl and her partner were about to share their engagement to the public but it turned out to their actual wedding on a morning ceremony, but the specific place where the said event happened wasn’t named.