Incredibly Smart Dog Goes Shopping at a Local Convenience Store All by Itself

We all know that dogs are capable of learning new things. It is not unusual to see them learning an impressive trick or two such as from the easy sit to the advanced rollover. With the right techniques and a proper amount of practice, they can learn just about anything.

Meanwhile, one particular golden retriever stands out from his kind as he clearly knows how to shop, even coming its way down to a nearby convenience store all by itself.

As seen in an adorable video, the smart dog walks towards City Cafe, a convenience store within their neighborhood and carries a shopping bag around its neck.

The pooch goes straight into the convenience store, giving a hint that it is not the first time it went to the said store. It even knows what to do exactly as it patiently waits in the queue since there is a customer who comes first before him to pay at the counter.

When it is finally his turn, the dog waits once more for the cashier to open its grocery bag. Once the cashier finishes sliding the receipt and the balance into the dog’s tiny and cute bag, the golden retriever then goes back home!

Just by the looks of how users and comfortable the dog is at the store, it is safe to assume that it is a frequent customer there, going shopping by itself countless times.

It’s impressive that it is so focused on what it must do and is not even tempted by the display of delicious treats on the shelves.

The incredibly smart dog has undoubtedly put a smile on every netizen’s face. If you want to teach your dog the same trick, remember that it’s all about habits on your part and your dog’s. And – patience, patience, patience.