How to save a Person’s Life from Being Stroke Using Only a Needle

This method has already saved countless lives. With this simple method, you can save humans live with 1 needle only.

You can save a person’s life or your loved ones if they suddenly experience a stroke attack in front of you, with this trick you don’t have to panic, calm yourself and just follow the instructions.

But before you do this method make sure that you already send someone to call an ambulance for immediately proper medical assistance.

When someone gets a stroke, the capillaries in the brain will gradually stretch, so whatever happens, don’t move the patient because if you move the patient carelessly the capillaries in the brain will burst and it will just make it worst that may create a bleeding in the brain. The first thing you should do is look for a syringe needle or a simple needle for sewing will do.

All you need is to stay calm and relax and apply the following method carefully.

  1. Pierce all ten fingers with the syringe or needle, no specific acupuncture is needed or required; it should be a few millimeters from the nail.
  2. Perform so the blood can flow.
  3. If the blood does not flow, stretch and keep squeezing to make the blood flow.
  4. When all 10 fingers began to bleed just wait a couple of minutes and you will see that the stroke person will come back to life.
  5. If the mouth of the victim is twisted, just massage both ears until they become red and the blood flows all over his head.
  6. After that stab the syringe or the needle in the soft part area of the ears, then wait until two drops of blood come out with both ears, then wait a few minutes and you will see that his mouth will be back to normal again.

Wait until the patients get back to normal without any abnormal symptoms, and rush him to the hospital immediately.

This simple method can save a life with 100 percent efficiency and accuracy. This method of blood shedding comes from a traditional Chinese medicine which is already tried and tested by many Chinese and other people around the world.