How a Beautiful Dutch Woman Fell in Love with a Filipino Surfer In Spite of their Differences

There’s nothing like an amazing love story to get you blubbing, and one particular story that’s been making rounds on the internet is definitely one for the ages.

Despite the racism still prevalent in this modern day and age, this interracial couple beats the odds and has a happy relationship, melting the hearts of so many netizens.

Lisa Verweij, a student from the Netherlands, went to the Philippines for her internship – in a center for Sexual Exploitation Victims in Cebu for her internship. She and her friends then decided to go to La Union for a short vacation to learn how to surf.

Photo credits: lisaverweij | Facebook

That is where she met Roger Casugay, a surfing instructor. He was five years old when he started surfing until he became what he is today. Roger may not be handsome in the eyes of many, and he is aware of it, but if there’s one physical trait he is proud of, that would be his abs.

Photo credits: Jessica Soho

At first, Lisa thought of him as a “casanova” or a “playboy” who dons a ridiculous and strange-looking haircut. However, after the Filipino began teaching the young woman how to surf, the two became closer to each other as time went by.

Photo credits: Jessica Soho

Roger then grabbed the opportunity to confess his true feelings for Lisa. Needless to say, the pair fell in love with each other as, spending time together even outside their surfing lessons.

Unfortunately, Lisa had to return to the Netherlands to attend her graduation and left Roger waiting for her, with high hopes that she’d come back soon.

The two, nonetheless, strived to make it work – not losing communication during the entire time they were apart. They continued to speak with each other every day through chat and video calls and actually felt more in love than ever. After a couple of months, the day that Roger dreamed of finally came and welcomed back the love of his life to his home country.

Their love story was also featured in an episode of the TV show Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho in which Lisa shared what she liked about her boyfriend. According to her, she fell for his kindness, sweetness, and optimism. Meanwhile, Roger described Lisa as the most important person in his life.

They may be unsure of what the future holds for them, but the two firmly believe that it’s absolutely possible for them to build a life together despite racial and cultural differences. As Lisa would say, “It doesn’t matter from which country you are, if you are in love, you are in love.”

source: Jessica Soho