Here’s A Sneak Peek At Iza Calzado’s Modern Eclectic Condo Unit in Makati

Maria Izadora Ussher Calzado or commonly known as Iza Calzado is a Filipino actress is a television host, dancer, and model.

After ten years of being a Kapuso, Iza transferred to ABS-CBN. She also became one of the main celebrity ambassadors of Booky, top local food app and blog of which her fiance, Ben Wintle, is the CEO.

The award-winning actress’s high-rise haven in Makati showcases her naughty and nice personality. With its edgy accessories and feminine touches also complete the look. According to her this condo unit in Makati is an achievement built on hard work, patience, and perseverance.

Iza started looking for a new home in Makati and acquired this spacious unit in 2014, after selling her house in Quezon City. She chose to finish paying the mortgage first and improving the condo unit was second on her list of priorities.

She started the renovation process, enlisting after six months, with the help of her good friend, interior decorator Nix Alanon who is also the principal designer of FTA Design, an art and style company.

But, what makes her condo unit extra special is the actress was really hands on in choosing materials and shopping for pieces that will complete her home.

“Ang dami pang gagawin. Unti-unting binubuo…Ayoko talagang magmadali just for the sake of filling it up,” she shares.

The condo exudes class and sophistication while still being homey and inviting, just like what’s seen in her former sanctuary. An open layout connects the areas on the first floor as neutrals dominate the space.

When the actress was asked about her decorating style, the actress describes it as “quite eclectic.”

“Hindi ko masabi ano’ng style. Honestly, no’ng una, dapat French siya. But I found it too girly, so I needed it to be edgier, but also quite feminine. That’s me—naughty and nice,” she added.

Iza also got ideas from her fiancée Ben Wintle’s mom, Friday Wintle, apart from working with Nix,

“A lot of it I consult with her ‘cause she’s very stylish. My God, idol ko siya. She’s the best,” she added.

On Instagram, Iza gave a sneak peek into her new stylish living area, which was designed by Nix Alonon.


One can already have a feel of how spacious and open the unit is with a view of the huge picture windows and high ceiling from the foyer. The foyer is defined by a horse-leg console table from Firma. It holds books and a few accessories.

Living Area

The living area is a study in elegance—with the pairing of the neutral sofa with an accent chair, two stools, and a glass coffee table. Most of the unique furniture pieces added to the space are from PhoeNix Home, the furniture and lifestyle brand owned by Nix.

While, sleek lighting pieces add to the streamlined feel and plants make space extra relaxing.

The star of the living area is the work of art on the wall. Iza considers this artwork as her most prized possession. It is a sketch of her by National Artist for Visual Arts Ben Cabrera, aka BenCab. Iza was in her character as Sabel, dressed in white cloth and a plastic sheet. She played this titular role in Sabel: Love and Passion.

From the top view, one can best appreciate the stunning looks of the living area, the high ceiling in the condo unit, adding to its bright and spacious feel. If you take a look at the area rug, the colors complement the rest of the pieces in the living area, resulting in a cohesive aesthetic. Sprucing up the sofa are fluffy pillows and an Avalon throw blanket from Hermes.

The actress also loved the idea of having moldings, apart from initially wanting a French-inspired design for her condo. But, given the walls and windows, they had to be creative in incorporating the said element into the final look.

The door panels conceal Iza’s book collection on the left and her shoes and slippers on the right. While, moldings add character to the door panels flanking the open metal shelf holding the things Iza loves most like skull accessories, books, and other interesting décor pieces.

Entertainment Lounge

The entertainment lounge looks warmer and more relaxing with a sofa in a shade of gray, a darker area rug, and curtains that can block the sun’s rays. The popcorn machine Iza ordered online will surely come in handy during movie nights.
The work of art on the wall bought from Gallery Kogure was made by Japanese painter Takahiro Hirabayashi.

Iza’s condo has framed pieces showcasing a thinking man made of lingerie by Japanese artist Chikako Motoyama and a pair of kimono artworks by Vincent de Pio.

“I’m not even saying I’m a collector, I’m just buying here and there. Sayang nga, e. Kung alam ko lang, sana diyan [art] na lang ako nag-invest noon pa, kesa sa bags,” she added.

While, all the TV watching is done in the entertainment lounge, because the actress doesn’t want to have a TV set in her bedroom. On top of the console cabinet is another skull decor piece and a few gadgets.

The entertainment lounge used to be the dining area following the unit’s original layout but, Iza wanted a family area.

“Di ba, maganda ‘yong flow niya? Parangopen and spacious,” according to Nix.

And from this side, one can see that the entertainment lounge can be accessed from the living, dining, and kitchen areas.

Dining Area

According to Nix, it was Iza’s request to have a herringbone pattern for the dining area floor tiles. The flooring of all the areas on the first floor is done in the same color.

Made with natural light, it is furnished with a glass-topped table and eight matching upholstered chairs, the dining area will remind you of lush gardens and al fresco dining.

Just like the rest of the areas on the first floor, it features touches of white, light gray, and beige.

“Actually, dati gusto ko talaga, all shades of gray. Siyempre, hinaluan na lang din namin ng other things,” the actress shared.

Iza made sure that there are enough seats to accommodate guests since she loves having friends over, even if she lives in the unit alone. They use mirrors to make the dining area look bigger.

The mirrors are used in creating an illusion of a bigger, wider space. While having a shelf in a pale shade of green adds to the outdoorsy feel of the dining area serves as the perfect backdrop for books, potted plants, and other accessories. The striking lighting piece complements the seating pieces.


Iza admits that she remains a foodie even if she’s on a constant diet. This kitchen is perfect for prepping meals with its generous countertops and cozy ambiance, complete with the marble backsplash.

The actress can move around freely and work on tasks when entertaining friends, with the free-flowing spaces. The kitchen area is also fully-equipped with top notch appliances, including a high-end refrigerator and a cooking range.

Powder Room

For Iza’s powder room located on the first floor, she chose to retain the black marble and matched it with white fixtures. These black marble exudes elegance and will remind guests of hotel suites. According to her the former owner of the condo unit loved marble a lot that many areas highlight the use of the said material.


This staircase is another element retained from the original unit. The usual wooden, metal, or concrete planks, this one has glass planks.

“Hindi ko na ginalaw, kasi ang mahal niyan,” she shares.

While under the stairs is a framed photograph of Iza’s late father Lito Calzado who was a member of the Bayanihan: The Philippine National Folk Dance Company.


Dominated by touches of gray, it features a customized California king bed with a cushioned headboard, side tables, and a foot bench—all from PhoeNix Home. Iza’s personal space is both peg- and envy-worthy.

The small pillow on the bed is not as simple as it looks, according to Nix, it’s a Natori. The Natori Company is a global luxury fashion brand by Filipino designer Josie Natori.

“So, mahal ‘yong maliit na pillow na ‘yan. Hehe,” he added.

Aside from the view, what we love best about the bedroom is the gray wallpaper that defines the wall behind the bed. This was bought in the United Kingdom by Tita Friday.
Also, one of the things that Iza loves best about her unit is the view, where she can admire the Makati city skyline.

A limited edition lounge chair designed by actress Solenn Heussaff in collaboration with Philux and a four-tiered cabinet that holds her gadgets and other knickknacks, completes this bedroom.

While on top of the cabinet are two works of art—a framed photo of a naked woman from her art dealer and friend Rocky David and a photographic version of Takahiro Hirabayashi’s painting seen on the wall in the entertainment lounge sans clouds.

A few steps from her bed is a work nook of sorts where Iza can get some tasks done. It’s kept neat and orderly, with drawers and cabinets where other essentials can be kept. The owner plans to fill this space with old photos of family and friends.


The marble elements retained in the bathroom work well with the mirrored sink cabinet chosen for the space. According to Iza, the former owner of the unit has a penchant for using marble.

“’Yong sa bathroom sa taas [pertaining to the one in photo], pinaalis ko. Pinagawa kong table top ‘yong iba… Kasi hindi ko type. Mga moss green, dark emerald…medyo mabigat. Hindi ko naman alam na mahal pala ‘yon. Nagsisi tuloy ako,” she said.

The enclosed shower area has huge windows that can let in natural light while letting the owner admire the beauty of the city.

Walk-in Closet

The second floor that used to be the entertainment den was transformed into a roomy closet/grooming area for the actress. It contains a vanity corner complete with lights and enough space for primping.

This room is also filled with Iza’s collections of clothes, shoes, and bags. There are compartments allocated for each to keep the area spic-and-span. Iza consulted with Kat Cruz, her stylist, in organizing the closet, but she got a lot of help from her “angels.”

“My PA [production assistant], Lornie Dominguez, plus my makeup artist, Mike Lariosa, who has some design background as well, helped organize my closet,” Izza shares.

All of her shoes are properly grouped, from heels and flats to sneakers and casual footwear. Making it easier for her to spot what she needs and return each to its proper place.