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Gorgeous Chinese Real-Life Barbie Goes Viral after Revealing Her Face Without Makeup



The latest model to stun the internet world with her doll face and unrealistic body proportions is an anime Barbie with porcelain skin and big eyes.

People from all over the world can’t help but admire the young aspiring model’s physique. Her ivory-like skin and doe eyes make her resemble an actual doll. Although genetics play a big role in her appearance, model Kina Shen is also gifted with good taste in clothing and makeup.

26-year-old Kina is the latest online sensation from the Chinese province of Guangzhou. At first glance, you will surely rub your eyes in disbelief. This girl looks like she’s a walking, talking, and living doll from head to toe.

Photo credit: Kina Shen / Instagram

While most people compare her to Valeria Lukyanova, some claim that Kina looks more natural. The Ukranian doll admitted to having several plastic surgeries to achieve her look. Kina, on the other hand, relies heavily on makeup and costumes instead.

Photo credit: Kina Shen / Instagram

She also insists that her beauty is a natural gift from her mother rather than via surgery and sometimes shares a sneak peek of herself in real-life, posting photos with little makeup.

In contrast to other real-life dolls, who go to great lengths to hide their true appearances, Kina makes no secret of how she gets the alien-like looks. The model even posted a makeup tutorial on her YouTube channel.

Photo credit: Kina Shen / Instagram

To further enhance her look and make it more doll-like, the model uses the power of makeup. There are days when she looks like your typical girl-next-door, but there are some days when she rocks the gothic look instead. No matter what her style is, one thing is for sure, she still slays in all of them!

Photo credit: Kina Shen / Instagram

Photo credit: Kina Shen / Instagram

Kina has now attracted a 700-thousand strong following on Instagram as well as an army of fans on Weibo, a Twitter-like Chinese social network. Some dub her as a gothic Barbie for her love of black lace tops, corsets, and mesh bodysuits.

Photo credit: Kina Shen / Instagram

Besides modeling and developing her Instagram account, the real-life Chinese Barbie, who graduated from the California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles, aspires to have a career in the fashion business.

Photo credit: Kina Shen / Instagram

In addition, Kina also expresses interest in cosplaying. Once her hair and makeup are done, the result is almost surreal. In most of her poses, she looks like a living mannequin dressed up to look like a human. This just goes to show how effective her cosplays are.

source: buzzooks

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