Meet the Handsome French Husband Of Isabelle Daza

The greatness of a man is not measured on how much wealth he achieves, but in his integrity and his capability to influence those around him positively.

But being wealthy doesn’t guarantee a happy life. But wealth matters because it enables you to sustain your current standard of living.

Have you heard about Isabelle Daza’s husband, Adrien Semblat? He isn’t just the husband of IT girl Belle. He’s also known as one of the wealthiest personalities in France.

In September 2016, Belle and Adrien exchanged wedding vows in front of their closest friends and family at the San Francesco church located at the heart of Lucignano region in Tuscany, Italy.

People just can’t stop wondering how rich he really is. To give the answer to that question, the YouTube channel of ‘PINOY NEW CHANNEL’ had uploaded a video back on December 29, informing everyone about how wealthy Isabelle’s husband is.

According to the said YouTube video, Adrien Semblat is the handsome French husband of Isabelle Daza. He holds one of the highest positions in an international sports apparel company.

He is the country manager for Adidas. Adrien’s job suits them couple well because both of them are into sports.

If you are following Isabelle Daza on her social media accounts, then you’ll probably see her often times promoting Adidas.

Adrien even reveals in a report published in 2011, that he already considers Manila as his second home.

“After four years in Adidas France, I really wanted to experience working abroad and leave my comfort zone to live a very different, challenging and enriching life,” he says.

“When I got here, I found Manila to be a pretty oppressing city with its heat, crowd, traffic, and pollution. But within months, I settled in my apartment and met Filipino friends.

I found them to be the nicest people on earth, very curious and helpful.

Aside from Manila, you can find the most beautiful beaches (in this country)! It’s not all like how they say it to be on the Internet,” he explains.

Adrien previously stated, that living here in the Philippines has opened doors of opportunities for him.

Today, Isabelle and Adrien are already married for over a year and already blessed with their first baby. Isabelle gave birth to her first child, a boy, on April 1, 2018.

While she was pregnant, Isabelle Daza even posted an update informing her followers that they won’t do an ultrasound to know about the baby’s gender because they wanted the gender to be a surprise for the both of them.

“We’re not gonna find out until the baby is born so it’s a little surprise for us,” she wrote on Instagram.

As of writing, the couple is happy with their little bundle of joy. Surely, both of them are enjoying as they take turns of taking care of the baby while attending other matters.