Meet the Hot and Very Beautiful Fil-Aussie Girlfriend of Paolo Avelino

Kapamilya heartthrob Paolo Avelino broke the hearts of his female fans after confirming his relationship with his non-showbiz girlfriend Jodie Elizabeth Tarasek in 2017.

Initially known as Paulo’s girlfriend, the 22-year-old Filipino-Australian model recently sat with the Philippine Entertainment Portal for an exclusive tell-all interview.


She is Always Proud to be Filipino

Jodie grew up in Sydney, Australia and Although she didn’t grow up here in the Philippines, she revealed that she always finds time to visit the country. According to Jodie, Filipinos’ hospitality and friendliness were the reasons why she fell in love with the Philippines.


“I’ve always loved my Filipino side, and I think that probably the biggest influence that kept me here is that, I’ve traveled around Asia, and I’m not just saying this because I’m half-Filipino, but the people, the friendliness, the hospitality, all of that attributed to why I stayed here. I made such a great group of friends like my life is here now.”


About her Modelling Career

According to Jodie, she said that before she didn’t have the confidence. But later on, she was eventually encouraged by her loved ones to try modeling.

“I had people, my family, and friends, always telling me to do modeling. I didn’t really have the confidence for it at first, to be honest. So I would just do projects here and there, for Australian swimwear brands, Mizuno Australia, just more independent labels.”


Why she chose The Philippines?

Jodie admitted she was meant to go to Hong Kong, Thailand, and travel in Asia before. Her actual plan was just to stay in the Philippines for one month until she opted to stay for a longer time. It was her late modeling agent Richard Yu, who encourages her to stay here in the Philippines.


Currently, Jodie is part of the Reco Modeling Agency.

“Actually I wasn’t meant to come to the Philippines. I was meant to go to Hong Kong, Thailand, and travel around Asia. My plan was to stay here for one month but one month turned into two. And I guess, from there, I just said I’d give it a go, and things just started progressing from there.”


Her Life before Modeling

Jodie Elizabeth Tarasek revealed that she studied a degree in Psychology at the Australian Catholic University while embarking on her journey as a model.

She’s never bored with her present life in Manila.


According to Jodie, “My life changed for the better. I’m so much happy doing this, and I wake up every day, not really knowing what I’m doing because everything is so unplanned a bit. Like one day, I’m at a casting, the next day, I’m filming.

“It’s all different and that excites me, and that’s how my life changed the most than studying nine-to-five or working doing something that I wasn’t completely in love with.”


Living Here In Manila

The gorgeous model admitted that she experienced culture shock when she moved here in Manila. But as time went by, she revealed that she eventually fell in love with the place and her life drastically changed for the better.

What Comes Next?

Five years from now, Jodie’s goal is to have her own family and a successful career.

Credits: ABS-CBN

“I wanna be married, I wanna be married with a family. I would like to be married with a family, but I don’t know what could happen. Hopefully, by then, I really wanna look back in my 20s and say I did whatever I wanted and really enjoyed it.
As for her modeling career, she promised that she will still continue doing until she became tired of it.

“The same thing with modeling, I feel like I’ve really exhausted all my opportunity in there, and I think I wanna do that in all platforms, whether it’s acting or hosting or whatever may come.

source: socialpees