Emotional Couple Who Have Waited 9 Years for a Baby Meets Their Son for the First Time

One of the most emotional moments for a family is to welcome a new member into their circle. It takes a lot of love, an open heart, and a willingness to change your entire life to adopt a child into your family.

For nearly a decade, Dennis and Carita Chen tried to conceive but with no success. Upon learning that they had fertility issues, the couple decided to go the adoption route. They had planned on a foreign adoption until a friend connected them with an adoption attorney whose client was looking for an Asian couple to adopt her baby.

Sadly for the Chens, the birth mother eventually decided that she wanted someone from her own family to adopt her baby. But a sudden twist of fate happened. Right after the baby was born, her other option fell through. The hospital social worker called the Chens and asked them to travel to California to take custody of the child.

Dennis and Carita Chen traveled from Texas to adopt a child whose only name was “baby boy”. Dennis said in the video, as he drove to the hospital, “The whole trip has been closing the distance between us and our son.” They could barely contain their excitement and emotion as they closed the distance between themselves and their son. Carita mentioned that hundreds of people were praying for them that night.

Then they saw him for the first time and it all spilled over. Carita says as soon as they saw him, they gave him the name “Jacob”. And at that moment, he was theirs.

Dennis leaned over his son, tears dripping from his eyes, and said, “It took so long to meet you. Hi Jacob. I’m your dad. You have no idea how many people have prayed for you.”

Jacob Chen - An Adoption Story

Dennis said their journey reminds him of the great lengths that Jesus went to so God could adopt us and he hopes one day, Jacob will be adopted a second time by his Heavenly Father.

Dennis and Carita’s story is unique in some aspects, but they’re certainly not alone in their endeavors. Their journey was lengthy and at points grueling, but ended in pure bliss. The look on their faces when they meet Jacob sums it all up.