Creative-Bride Made Herself a Wedding Gown Out of Paper in Order to Save Money

Every bride-to-be spends a lot of time and money in selecting and buying an exquisite wedding dress. Whether they want to add loads of embellishments or even custom design their gowns, some brides like to go big or go home in the dress department, even going so far as to land spots on the list of the most expensive wedding dresses of all time.

Starting from price tags in the thousands and working their way up to the millions, costly, one-of-a-kind frocks are the stuff of wedding dreams and will go down in gown history.

However, one woman from a mass wedding at Fernwood Gardens in Sanville, Quezon City stood out from all the brides present in the said event. Residing in Project 6, Quezon City but a native from Batuan, Masbate, Maricel Capinig Abaño recently went viral on social media for wearing a bridal gown made of paper she designed and handcrafted herself.

Due to poverty, the young bride decided to make her own gown rather than stress over a tight budget. According to Maricel, she had some help from her friends, Jellie Miasco Lurza and Ereca Matawaran, to finish the dress. After three days, they successfully completed the unique project, spending only a few pesos on the bond paper and cartolina they used.

Maricel’s bridal gown also came with a matching hat inspired by the hats worn by women during royal affairs in Britain and matching paper flowers made from colorful pieces of construction paper.

Their little entourage also wore matching outfits, with the ladies’ skirts laced with folded paper similar to that of the bride’s gown.

Apparently, Maricel is naturally creative. Making use of paper for various of her crafts, she posts them on her Facebook page for everyone to see. Since becoming viral, netizens expressed their admiration to the newly wedded wife, commending her for her creativity and resourcefulness.

On the other hand, Councilor Marivic Co-Pilar, the generous sponsor behind the mass wedding for 178 couples, got highly impressed with Maricel’s wedding dress that she gave her a special gift.

source: definitelyfilipino