Couple Transforms an Old Truck Into a Mobile Home Which Looks Better than Most Apartments

For most of us, investing in a house seems like a far-fetched dream. But this young couple from Nottingham, UK, have decided to do things their way.

A former landlord and a chef, Martin Hill (38) and Iona Stewart (27) met while doing a season in the French Alps, which they now do every winter to snowboard.

As the pair loves to travel and their jobs include being outdoors, they decided that they needed a home which could travel together with them. Spending £20,000, the couple created their dream home in the back of an old bread lorry which they shared on Facebook and garnered praises from netizens all across the globe.

What some would think a crazy thought was quickly washed away by a hangover. Martin and Iona really started planning on getting a truck in which they could live in.

They went on eBay and found a truck, which was previously used for delivering bread, for just a £3,600 (approximately $4,670).

Martin said: “About four years ago after a few too many beers I thought about buying a big American RV. We spent four months working on it full-time. We are really lucky not to have to work, and we did everything ourselves. It’s amazing what you can do. We are not exactly slumming it.”

However, turning the delivery truck into a liveable, cozy home was not an easy task. To fully complete the renovation, Martin did most of the laboring while Iona took care of the interior design. The couple worked on the project full-time and it took them four months to finally get it done.

From the outside, the 28-ft box doesn’t look anything special but on the inside, the truck has been transformed into a cozy and comfortable home. It is fully furnished and has everything one might need.

On the other hand, the kitchen appears to have all the mod-cons, including an oven, hob, and a varnished wood work surface while an economical living area with a comfy grey sofa is complete with a wood-burning stove.

The living room has a cozy couch, wooden center table.

The couple designed the place on two different levels separated by doors to make it practical. The bedroom is furnished with a double-bed and stylish furniture including a fully fitted wardrobe and space for jackets and a storage unit.

Their bedroom has a big space for them to move freely, and with a big closet.

Their bathroom has a small lavatory with cabinet under.

Their Bathroom is not that big but a very comfortable place for them.

The couple said they use the five-tonne lorry while they are on the road as it is cheaper than most accommodation. Now, they are enjoying their beautiful house on wheels and mountain views in France and have no plans on settling down just yet. Martin has even sold his house and bar in Nottingham and says they will use the lorry “full-time”.

source: goodfullness