Couple Accidentally Discover a Safe Filled with Treasure While Renovating their Home

Eddie and Angel have accidentally discovered a secret safe filled with valuables and bank notes after trying to do a little renovation on their house. Although this might be too good to be true, it appears that luck finds its way to this couple from Phoenix, Arizona.

Most people often do some renovation of their homes to make it more presentable and relaxing which are quite fulfilling regarding satisfaction in their lives.  This couple never thought about how their little efforts could make them rich.

According to Eddie and Angel, they were just simply trying to fix the upper border part of their house as they have uncovered a mysterious safe code behind the medicine cabinet in their room.

As they progress to their renovation, they also found a strange-looking box. They quickly tried the safe code that they had found earlier as they got thrilled to open the box. After a few attempts of breaking into the safe, they had unearthed quite a bountiful cash.

They found at least $51,080 which are mostly in hundred dollar notes and also a vintage bottle of a bourbon which is dated back to 1960’s.

“We stared in disbelief. Time stood still. I started to reach in the safe and Eddie yelled, ‘Wait it might be booby-trapped!’ I’m still laughing at that one,” as she wrote on Imgur.

They also found an interesting book titled as “A Guide for the Perplexed” that was published back in 1977 on the hidden safe. It was an interesting book, and as they have read its contents, they realized that it also contains clues which most likely suggest another mystery.

It also had a black and white photo which maybe denotes a hidden secret on that existing place.

The photo had a message which says that:

“Alan, I have a book you must read. I’ve underlined a few key passages. Your friend, Vincent.”

They also found a bingo card in between the pages of the book with an “x” mark over the MESA located in the state of Arizona.


It is really surprising to discover such hidden treasures and get thrilled with the adventure of locating it through the use of hidden maps and clues.

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source: dailydigest