Check this Out: Kathryn Bernardo’s New leading Man on her Upcoming Movie “Three Words to Forever”

For the past years, we used to see Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla as a loveteam and they have never failed to make their fans gush.

Either in movies or TV series, the reel-to-real couple became an instant hit with their crowd.That’s why when they have upcoming projects, many people can’t help but be thrilled.

But recently, many of their fans were shocked and sad upon seeing the young actress paired with another leading man. In her upcoming movie, “Three Words to Forever” Kathryn was with another actor.

This film is set to hit cinemas on November 28, 2018. With the Megastar, Sharon Cuneta and Richard Gomez are reuniting for this movie directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina.

Many fans didn’t expect to see the Kathryn with Tommy Esguerra, who is a previous Pinoy Big Brother housemate.

But their unexpected love team became a huge hit, even if many people aren’t used to seeing the young actress with another leading man on the big screen.

They have received big support from their fans even before their movie.

In the movie, Kathryn and Tommy played the role of a young couple who are planning for their married life, hoping for their own happy ending just like Sharon and Richard’s love story in this film. No doubt that this family-oriented movie will be a big help to those who are also struggling with the same problem.

The trailer of this film has been uploaded online last November 9 and has immediately circulated the web.

On the other hand, Daniel appears to be very supportive of her girlfriend’s latest achievement. As a matter of fact, Their sweet video where DJ was spotted as he visited and surprised Kathryn on their set instantly brought “kilig” to their loyal fans.

Well, as we can see, netizens can’t help but support their favorite actress even though they are not being paired together. But still, all of them are hoping for ‘Kathniels’ newest project after the sweet success of their recent movie, “The Hows of Us.”

See the Full Trailer Here: